7 New Tools for Brands and Retailers to Grow Faster

August 20, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


For 25 years, SPINS has been leading the natural products industry with insights and innovation, and we have set the standard for what brands and retailers expect from a data partner.

And it keeps getting better.

As always, our goal is to ensure that our clients and partners have the information they need to grow faster and innovate smarter.

Here’s what’s new at SPINS:

1) NEW: Regional Grocery Channel - Bringing You New Perspectives

SPINS’ new channel data is focused on Regional grocers. These are grocers focused on their local communities delivering products and experiences that their shoppers are demanding.

Regional grocers have a unique mix of offerings that cater to their customers. That’s why these retailers are where brands can bring their innovation to customers, they might not be reaching in specialty stores or larger conventional outlets. For retailers, this channel provides a strong comparative market view.

2) Launching the Neighborhood Pet Channel

From kibble to treats to CBD supplements, the natural pet industry is changing quickly. Today’s pet owners are reading labels and thinking about pet diets in a way the industry hasn’t seen before. That’s why we’ve launched the SPINS Neighborhood Pet Channel, where retailers and brands can dive into the trends, shopping patterns, and industry insights to stay competitive. Contact us today to find out how to become part of this exciting new channel.

We’re also offering more insights about the pet industry in the coming week: Register for our upcoming webinar highlighting today’s top pet trends on Thursday, August 27. And stay tuned for the release of our report, SPINS 2020 Pet Trends, to learn more about what’s happening in today’s pet market.

3) Expanding Shopper-Centric Attributes You Need To Be Tracking

From organic to keto to vegan, attributes are driving today’s shoppers‘ purchases.  SPINS Product Intelligence allows you to see how attributes are performing within your category whether you want to analyze by ingredients, nutritional elements, or dietary preference.

Now, you can discover how well your products align with popular attributes, identify whitespace, and stay ahead of growing trends. The latest additions are focused on pet and body care.

4) Enhancing Your Strategy with Insights From Your Key Accounts

The SPINS retail community continues to grow, giving brands extensive insights into the retailers where your products are.  We are constantly adding new Key Accounts with retailers in every region, and just this month, SPINS is adding over 2,000 doors for you to explore.

Contact your SPINS representative to get access to your accounts. Use this information to understand what’s driving your growth and build a case to expand your presence on the retailer’s store shelves.

5) Building Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Your Business

SPINS is partnering with some of the most innovative and trend-setting businesses to ensure you have the tools to stay competitive, reach your audience, deliver stronger customer experiences and grow your business. Learn more about each of these exciting new partnerships: C.A. FortuneInmar IntelligenceInnitGrocerKey, and Mercato.

6) Creating More Product Awareness via the SPINS Portal

Ensure SPINS has your products coded so we can track sales as soon as they happen.  The SPINS Product Hub is now a part of the SPINS Portal. Within the Portal, you can also upload your brand profile and even share your brand story with a video!

7) Redefining Hierarchy for Today’s Shopper Experience

SPINS is constantly watching shopper behavior and talking with our clients to understand how they are using SPINS data. To ensure we all are keeping up with changing behavior and trends, we review our hierarchy regularly. In our latest update, we’ve made some exciting changes, including:

  • With the expansion of plant-based offerings, especially in dairy, we have expanded to support the wealth of new product entrants.
  • Baby food has been expanded to more easily categorize growth stage foods
  • With the increases in snack varieties, we have expanded the snack categories to further segment snack types.
  • We have enhanced our pet hierarchy significantly to support the growth within the category.

If you have products in any of these categories, please reach out to your SPINS representative for more details on these exciting enhancements!

We’re excited to bring these latest enhancements to the market. Are you interested in learning how to put this to use for you?  Contact us today.