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Designed to help clients who are ready to transform their business, SPINS consultants provide ongoing support for complex analysis projects at the intersection of Natural and Conventional.

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How can SPINS Growth Consulting help your business?

Innovation Stack
Analytics Projects


Growth Consulting is what sets SPINS apart from other food & beverage data providers. We combine our deep foundational knowledge of the CPG industry with functional expertise to distill critical insights from complex data sets.

As your trusted partner, we tailor the scope of each project to address your priority questions and guide your strategic decision-making as your business evolves.

Growth Consulting

SPINS Innovation Stack

Preparing for your first line extension? Investing in new product R&D but not sure where to start? Wondering if you should launch a product based on the latest trend?

The SPINS Innovation Stack is a data and consulting suite to innovate ahead of trends and develop high-growth products with confidence. We mitigate your risk by identifying the flavors, attributes, and label claims that have the highest chance of success in the category BEFORE you bring them to market.

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Identify the most desirable adjacent categories or subcategories for your brand extension, leveraging a scorecard approach to prioritize the whitespace opportunities that make sense for your business.

Category Assessment

Develop your strategy for new category expansion. This custom deliverable reveals opportunities and keys to success by analyzing the category landscape including the growth trajectory of the space, sales drivers, competitive landscape, and important retailers.

Single Attribute

Quickly diagnose the performance for a key attribute within a specific category or across the full store

Attitude & Usage

Custom survey to study consumer attitude and usage of your priority innovation focus for new product development.

And many more!

Need something else? SPINS Custom Innovation Projects can answer your hardest business questions that determine your path forward.

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Growth Consulting

Advanced Analytics Projects

Want to raise prices and grow revenue? Wondering if consumers will pay more for a new product? Acquiring a brand but not sure about the risks?

SPINS Growth Consulting offers a range of Advanced Analytics Projects that can impact every aspect of your business. We align with your teams across departments to identify your biggest challenges and build data-driven strategies to overcome them.

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How we can help

Price Elasticity

Predict sales response from a brand or category wide price increase, and create an optimal strategy based on consumer price sensitivity.

Mix Study

Quantify the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing budget, then optimize future investment via simulations.

Incrementality Study

Assist retailers in assortment optimization, or understand if a product is incremental or cannibalistic to your brand.

Due Diligence

Conduct commercial due diligence on company targets to assess the benefits and risks of acquisition.

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