SPINS Retailer Solutions

Get the insights and data necessary to connect shoppers to the products they're looking for and drive traffic, build bigger baskets, and deepen loyalty

Protect and Grow Your Market Share

Adapt to Evolving Shopper Landscape

Shopper Preference & Activation

Enriches your shopper experience with insights on the “why” behind category performance

Assortment Optimization

Consistently elevate assortment performance and identify the products you need on shelf


Get differentiated insights on the trends and product features that your shoppers are seeking

Competitive Insights

Gain an understanding of your competition to take advantage of market opportunities

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Partner Spotlight

SPINS Clients in Action

How retailers brought their values to life to drive sales through differentiation

Associated Food Stores

The partnership between AFS and SPINS—gives a common language for vendors and how we help them streamline how they look at assortment and benchmark performance

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Build Bigger Baskets

Minimize leakage with values-oriented data that highlights market opportunities and helps optimize assortment

Understand the "Why" Behind the Buy

Values-oriented data provides a lens into why shoppers purchase the products they do. By taking health, social, and environmental considerations into account, retailers can get a nuanced idea of who their shoppers are and what drives them.

Validate Merchandising Decisions With Data

Understand where marketplace innovation occurs to stay nimble and continue delivering against shopper expectations.

Capitalize on new growth opportunities

Values-oriented shoppers take many forms, but they're all looking for "better" products—products that are better for the planet, people, animals, and the health of them and their families. Make sure your assortment and private label products fit their needs.

Reporting for retailers, by retailers

Take advantage of intuitive workflows to quickly highlight the metrics that matter most to your business in just a few clicks.

Empower Your Business Growth

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Comprehensive Marketplace Coverage

Understand performance according to your true competitors

Full Channel Coverage

SPINS works with retailers of all sizes to support more accurate benchmarking based on retailer performance within the natural and specialty, regional independent, pet, VMS, and conventional channels.


SPINS acts as a walled garden for retailer data to protect their unique assortments. All data shared with SPINS is only made available in aggregate to protect any given retailer's performance data.

Diverse Partnership Ecosystem

Our retailers are fully covered no matter what size and what business needs they have. SPINS works with several ecosystem partners to help fulfill any use case, and connects them together to enhance relationships.

Innovative Brand Partnerships

Thousands of the most innovative brands are eager to partner with retailers and work exclusively with SPINS. This gives retailers a competitive edge into the brands driving major category growth and innovation.

Partner for Success

Growth Consulting is what sets SPINS apart from other data providers in the industry. We bring 25+ years of experience to be a trusted partner at any stage of a brand’s growth journey from startup to enterprise.


Ensure your assortment strategy aligns with what shoppers are looking for — whether that's your own private label development or finding brands with trending attributes.

Assortment Optimization

Optimize what's on shelf by examining brand performance at an attribute level while factoring in all available data sources and variables like margins, velocity, and consumer panel data.

Shopper Insights

Get a nuanced look at who's shopping at your stores with an additional values-oriented lens that provides a "why" behind the "who."

Training and Development

Bring these analyses in-house — SPINS analysts can train your teams to ensure that they can make the most of data.