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Complete your view into retail performance with natural channel data

Get the fullest view of performance with the smartest data set in-market attuned to evolving shopper preferences


Insight from Innovation

Gain performance and consumer insights from where innovation happens first

Full Natural Channel

Get full visibility into the natural channel with exclusive leading retailers like Sprouts and Fresh Thyme. Make sure you're keeping a pulse on innovation in the retailers where it happens first.

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Data Aligned With
the Values-Oriented Shopper

The Values-Oriented Shopper shops according to their beliefs—manufacturers need attributes that represent their values to understand areas of opportunity and competitive positioning

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Bring SPINS into Your Existing Stack!

Consolidate your data across portals and syndicators into a unique, custom view with DAAP, a SPINS partner. DAAP harmonizes data through an AI-powered solution trained on North America’s largest CPG data warehouse to reduce manual transformations and provide internal data alignment.

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Partner Spotlight

SPINS Clients in Action

How $100M+ brands use SPINS to innovate ahead of trends

Stay a Step Ahead with Product Intelligence

The values-oriented shopper is accelerating innovation—identify rising trends before they hit conventional shelves

  • Gain more accurate views into total addressable market
  • Activate attributes customized to internal use cases and standards
  • Understand your shoppers and what values matter most in your categories
  • Identify trending shopper values and category growth drivers before they become mainstream
  • Minimize product development risk through deeper insight into innovation trends
  • Determine competitive points of differentiation that drive increased value

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Full Spectrum
Innovation Consulting

Continue growing your business with industry experts to mitigate risk and innovate with confidence. Identify new categories for expansion and determine your key competitive points of differentiation based on what's trending in the Natural and Regional and Independent Grocery channels.

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Leverage the extended SPINS family of solutions to streamline operations and drive consumer activation with powerful solutions from our partners

Custom hierarchies across multiple data sources

DAAP is the only solution that generates client-specific databases through large-language models to enable the fastest, most accurate solution in market

Models trained on North America's largest CPG data warehouse

Only solution with two-way harmonization across SPINS and NielsenIQ data

Deploy multiple custom hierarchies based on internal or retailer use cases

Flexible delivery by use case and security requirements

Separate models for each custom mapping keeps data secure

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The #1 Where-to-Buy Platform for Food & Beverage

Only dedicated Omnichannel platform for Food & Beverage

Only 3rd-Party ADA Certified Solution

Exclusive access to SPINS data

Dedicated solutions for Customer Relations and Food Service

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