Product Intelligence and the Future of Modern Commerce

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Modern shoppers have more choices than ever before and are increasingly focused on better products: better for themselves and their families, better for the planet, better for society, and better for animals. Brands and retailers are taking notice, but with the rapid pace of innovation, it’s increasingly difficult to get ahead of trends. Product Intelligence helps demystify these trends and link them to shopper preferences.

In this eBook you’ll learn how Product Intelligence:

  • Connects products to personal preferences
  • Streamlines speed to market
  • Maximizes activation through flexibility

Product Intelligence in the Age of Conscious Consumption

As innovation and brand introductions continue to accelerate, shoppers have more ways to express their preferences than ever. Product Intelligence helps extract more complete data from product labels, algorithmically enrich it, and ensure it’s always ready to use. At scale, this is transformative for businesses and enables them to increase shopper loyalty and drive greater profits.


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