SPINS Product Intelligence

Get the Deepest Insight through Smarter Data

Ensure your product attributes capture every facet of what matters to values-oriented shoppers

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Increase Revenue and Deliver Against Shopper Values

As shopper preferences evolve and drive change in the marketplace, ensure you're staying on top of the product attributes that matter

Attribute Visibility

Understand each attribute dimension across certifications, claims, computations, and product positioning to not only increase the overall product universe available for analysis, but also understand what drives category performance.

Inform Your
Innovation Pipeline

More brands and products enter the market every day. As shoppers start looking for specific attributes, make sure you can get ahead of competitors by understanding what drives natural channel performance before it reaches conventional retailers.

Competitive Positioning

See how key competitors compare to your products and determine where your opportunities for differentiation are. Make sure you're positioning your products to emphasize key traits that shoppers are looking for.

More Accurate Insights with Smarter Data

Multi-layered attribution enables brands to understand true competitive sets and what drives performance

Only SPINS provides a multi-layered approach to attribution to all products

The Right Attributes
to Bring Values to Life

Separate signal from noise—ensure your attributes guide you to innovation without adding unnecessary complexity

Learn more about SPINS attributes and which of them meet your needs

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The most advanced data set available

As shopper preferences evolve and drive change in the marketplace, ensure you're staying on top of the product attributes that matter

Attributes Beyond the Label

Make sure shoppers can understand everything about your products. Each product processed by SPINS Product Intelligence is automatically evaluated for eligibility across thousands of attributes. Our in-house experts define eligibility based on industry standards set by the FDA, AHA, and more.

Accurate and Up-to-Date

Your analyses are only as accurate as your data; make sure it never goes stale. Our QA process is so rigorous it regularly identifies inaccurate claims on a product's own packaging. Thousands of checks run each day to flag any errors or anomalies. Further, all product data is flagged for refresh every 9 months.

Highly Customizable

Bring your own values to life by implementing custom attribute definitions. Automated data extraction and attribute application makes it easy for you to ensure any attributes you receive are in line with your internal standards.

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