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The most complete B2B2C mapping of product attributes, sales, and shopper values guiding brands, retailers, and partners to innovation.

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Proprietary and Exclusive Data

Get unique insight into the innovation landscape.

Full Visibility into the Natural Channel

Just one retailer isn't enough—see the full breadth of the natural channel through exclusive access to leading natural retailers and get more accurate insight into who's innovating and where.

Enriched Beyond the Label

Shoppers are more curious about products than ever. Leverage proprietary algorithms that calculate attribute eligibility even if it's not spelled out on the label.

Understand the Values-Oriented Shopper

Get data that transforms trends into action with attributes aligned with what matters most to values-oriented consumers: products better for people, the planet, animals, and their health.

Conventional Data Enriched
with Product Intelligence

Get the most expansive market view while harmonizing data into a cohesive view.

The Best of Both Worlds

Gain access to conventional data from multi-outlet retailers, brought to you in partnership with Circana, for the most comprehensive view into the retail market

Deepen shopper insights

Point-of-Sales data only tells one part of the story. SPINS panel data is based off the Circana Scan Panel and provides insight into who buys what and why

Bring it together

Save time and get a unified data view with DAAP—a SPINS partner. DAAP uses AI to harmonize disparate data into custom hierarchies, reducing manual effort while ensuring internal data alignment

Unparalleled Granularity
with Smarter Attribution

Connecting brands, retailers, and consumers through an attribute framework aligned with the Values-Oriented Shopper

Beyond Natural and Organic

Values have evolved over time—understand what's driving innovation through attributes that represent products good for animals, people, the planet, and health.

The Most Granular Data In-Market

Understand every attribute dimension across claims, certifications, positioning, and computed data for the fullest understanding of what's driving growth in-market.

Customized to Reflect Your Values

Bring your values to life with attributes customized to your standards. Streamline workflows with compliant attributes already aligned with your internal hierarchies.

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