SPINS Enhanced Consumer Panel

Make better decisions and win with retailers by knowing the "who" behind the "what."

What is National Consumer Panel Data?

National Consumer Panel data taps into a group of ~100,000 households that scan all purchases they make across all channels, including ecommerce.

Why SPINS Consumer Panel Data

Why Brands Need
SPINS Consumer Panel Data

Consumer Panel data complements retail sales data to complete your brand’s story. With Consumer Panel insights, you not only see "what" is being purchased, but also "who" is making purchases.

Understand trial:
Are new households trying your products?
Are they trying your competitors?

Buy Rate

Understand repeat:
Are they buying your products again? How often?

Brand Loyalty

Understand retention:
Are they sticking with your brand?

SPINS Product Intelligence

SPINS Product Intelligence enriches the picture with a lens to understand the right benchmarks of performance in your channel (e.g. your true competitors, natural products, plant-based, allergen-free, etc). Your buy rate may increase, but are you overperforming or underperforming against products with similar attributes? Retailers want to know!

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What makes SPINS Consumer Panel unique?

Consumer Panel data is an industry-standard for consumer trend measurement, and we make it better. Unlock new insights for the Health & Wellness industry.
Product Intelligence

SPINS Product Intelligence provides unparalleled insights that other solutions can’t. Dive into the product attributes that are driving demand in your category, subcategories, and against your true competition.

analysis and insights

UPC-level granularity to understand exactly what products are driving demand, instead of broader brand-level summaries that other solutions provide.

A team of SPINS consumer panel experts can assist in digging deeper into panel results to extract the most critical insights that drive your business forward.


Go beyond purchase behavior to understand the attitudes of consumers as they relate to the natural and organic products.

Further drill into consumer characteristics with seven distinct segments as they relate to individual product attributes.

Demonstrate your brand wins with shoppers that every retailer wants.

Brands at every stage depend on consumer panel to deliver growth
Enterprise Brands

Find new occasions for highly penetrated products

Mid-Tier Brands

Become the go-to brand in your category for deeper loyalty

Emerging Brands

Understand if your sampling efforts are converting to trial

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Offer Options

SPINS Enhanced Consumer Panel Options

Choose one of the option suits best to your needs and budget.
Base Consumer Insights & Enhanced Consumer Insights
Consumer Insights

Keep your finger on the consumer pulse in frequent intervals to understand your business' consumer health.

Purchase Behavior

Core consumer metrics including Penetration, Trip frequency, Avg. $ / Trip, and more.

Demographic Report

Profile of your consumer in comparison to category & competitors.

Quarterly Updates

Regular updates of core metrics for your brand, category, and close competitors.

Consumer Insights

Keep your finger on the consumer pulse in frequent intervals to understand your business' consumer health.

Buyer Group Analysis

Comparison of buyer groups based on heavy/medium/light purchases or new/lost/retained.

Brand Switching Analysis

A look into brand interaction, category incrementality, and competitive SWOT analysis.

Shopping Basket Affinity

What other brands, categories, and sub-categories are in the same basket with your brand.

Leakage Tree Bundle

What factors are contributing to your greatest dollar sales leakage.

Trial & Repeat

Cumulative trial rate aligned to product launches, along with depth of repeat purchases compared to benchmarks.

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