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What retailers should I target for new distribution?

Expanding distribution into the retailers with the highest chance of success can make or break a brand.
SPINS offers the most complete market view across the full retail landscape, from innovation-focused retailers in the Natural Channel to volume-driving retailers in the Conventional Channel. When combined with industry-leading product attribute data, we enable you to identify the ideal target accounts based on your competitive advantage in the context of retailer assortments and evolving consumer preferences.

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How do I create a sell story that convinces retailers to put me on shelf?

SPINS data is the backbone of every good pitch deck, and it’s more than just highlighting your sales numbers.
We tell your brand story through a lens of product attribute insights that only SPINS can provide. This can demonstrate your competitive advantage during challenging market conditions, but more importantly, it showcases how your portfolio helps retailers align their assortment with evolving consumer preferences.

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How do I expand shelf space and distribution at retailers that I’m already in?

Think you deserve more distribution or shelf space at a retailer? Use their own data to prove it.
SPINS gives brands a line of sight into retailer performance across the entire store with Key Account data that provides the common language to tell their unique story. We give you an edge by ensuring that you can effectively showcase the strength of your brand proposition in the context of relevant product attribute trends and your competition.

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