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How do I gain market share? How can I grow faster?

If you are struggling to gain market share, you may not understand what challenges you are actually facing because they are hidden behind “blind spots” in the market to begin with.
Brands with SPINS data grow 22% faster on average than those that don't because we are the only data partner that can unlock full cross-channel visibility to analyze competition and consumer demand across Conventional Channel retailers (Kroger, HEB, etc) and Natural Channel retailers that are exclusive to SPINS (Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, etc). Our industry experts work directly with you to understand exactly what market forces are hindering your growth, then guide strategic decisions for success around assortment, pricing, promotions, innovation, and so much more.

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Why are my sales stagnant or declining?

Understanding the "Why" behind the data is what sets SPINS apart from other partners.
SPINS adds a product attribute overlay to Conventional and Natural Channel data that you can’t get anywhere else. This expands your insights beyond “how much of what sells where” to uncover which ingredients, attributes, and certifications are driving consumer demand in your category across the full market landscape. It also positions your brand based on products in your competitive set, allowing you to drill into market dynamics below the surface of raw sales numbers and uncover the true drivers of growth and decline.

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Should I raise my prices? How do I maximize ROI from my trade spend?

Managing pricing and promotions is a delicate dance that becomes hard to execute when you don’t have a partner that knows the steps.
SPINS is your resource to sift through the noise with a Growth Consulting team that leverages decades of industry experience to analyze your SPINS data and put it into action. We can analyze price elasticity in your category, but also in the context of your product attributes that values-oriented consumers will pay a premium for. And when it comes to promotions, we leverage SPINS product attribute data to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.

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