SPINS aspires to provide a source of truth and transparency so values-oriented consumers can connect with innovation they need.

We empower the values-oriented consumer by providing the common language that promotes growth and collaboration in our ecosystem.

Our Story

Headquartered in Chicago, SPINS connects shopper values to product innovation by combining POS data across the conventional, eCommerce, and natural channels with deep product knowledge. By translating product data into attributes, we ensure retailers, brands, and their partners know just as much about the products they create, stock, and sell as the shoppers that buy them. These attributes create a common language that promotes collaboration and growth across the ecosystem.

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Our Values

Our Values

  • A Passion for Growth

    We are committed to building a community that promotes passion, well-being, and support for one another.

  • No grey area here

    We communicate with clarity, honesty and respect in all situations. If we come up short, we embrace the opportunity to learn and improve. We are our harshest critics and greatest advocates - always striving to be the best versions of ourselves.

  • Consider it done

    Agile is the name of the game in this fast-paced, innovation-forward industry and we are determined to stay ahead of the game. We embrace change, seek opportunities to learn and rapidly translate that into action to better serve our ecosystem.

  • The passion is palpable around here

    You can’t create something great if there’s no passion behind it. We love our industry and love helping our partners achieve their goals. Around here assumptions are challenged, the status quo is questioned, and new paths are forged.

  • Together we all win

    It takes a village and each villager to do their part at their highest level. We leave egos at the door and believe that working together will produce an outcome greater than each individual contribution.

Our team members are empowered to live our values of aspiring health & wellness by committing to shared goals and operational excellence.

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