SPINS Innovation Stack

A data and consulting suite to innovate ahead of trends and develop high-growth products with confidence.

spins innovation stack

Why Category-Leading Brands
Innovate with SPINS

Don’t waste time and money on launching new products that fail. SPINS mitigates your risk by identifying the flavors, attributes, and label claims that have the highest chance of success in the category BEFORE you bring them to market.

Invest with

Safeguard your new product development investment by aligning with emerging trends that have the highest chance for success.

Advanced Product

Become a market leader by linking innovation to evolving consumer values and preferences with the industry’s most powerful PI engine.


Receive critical insights from SPINS data delivered in presentation-ready reports from our SPINS Growth Consultants.

Which stack is
right for you?

Stacks are custom-built for your business priorities. Here are some examples:

inside category
inside category
Stack Option 1
Identify emerging trends within your category to fill pipeline funnel
outside category
outside category
Stack Option 2
Identify and prioritize adjacent categories for brand extension
Stack Option 3
Understand category dynamics of a priority innovation category

Create Your Stack

An industry-first dashboard suite in PowerBI that delivers turnkey data visualizations and insights to monitor attribute trends and identify whitespace opportunities that inform your innovation pipeline.
Innovation Workshop
SPINS Growth Consultants align with your innovation priority focus areas and unlock key category insights by leveraging the product attributes that are driving emerging innovation trends.
Consulting Support
Ad-hoc support from SPINS Growth Consultants who work as an extension of your team to deliver on-demand expert analysis and inform strategy development.
analysis projects
Strategic Category Assessment
Develop your strategy for new category expansion. This custom deliverable reveals opportunities and keys to success by analyzing the category landscape including the growth trajectory of the space, sales drivers, competitive landscape, and important retailers.
Innovation Scan
Identify the most desirable adjacent categories or subcategories for your brand extension, leveraging a scorecard approach to prioritize the whitespace opportunities that make sense for your business.
Attitude & Usage Survey
Custom survey to study consumer attitude and usage of your priority innovation focus for new product development.
custom data extraction
Get a custom data extract in Excel so you can drill further into category dynamics by retailer, item level, units, velocity, distribution, pricing, promotion, and total brand/category over time.

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SPINS AttLab Spotlight

SPINS AttLab is a one-of-a-kind reporting suite that allows you to examine the vast set
of SPINS Attributes and Attribute Families.

Answer your innovation questions in minutes:

Identify which attributes are driving the latest product launches to inform your innovation pipeline and stay ahead of the competition.

Identify your brand’s top differentiators and gaps compared to the rest of the category.

Dive even further into one specific attribute to see which brands are the top players and which brands are driving the attribute’s growth.

Identify your marketable attributes vs. a competitor to position against them with both consumers and retailers

Identify attributes that emerging brands are innovating in to prepare and defend against them

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