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The SPINS Pet Community is created to ensure proliferation of healthy
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SPINS continues to build upon our network of independent retailers. We are constantly adding more retailers to our exclusive marketplace in order to fuel richer data and insights for our partners.

The Power of Performance

We code every UPC that passes your threshold based on its label, packaging, product positioning, and the consumer needs it fulfills. We generate performance reporting for your business, diving deep into your categories, brands, and consumer needs.

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Joining the SPINS Pet Community
Helped This Retailer Grow by 300%

With 5 established locations, a pet retailer worked with SPINS to get the tools, data, and resources to build a stronger assortment, discover new products, and understand the trending ingredients and product attributes that are top priorities for their health-conscious pet parents.

With expert guidance from SPINS and a disciplined approach to analyzing the data monthly, the team was able to make changes on the go. Adjusting as necessary, they curated their assortment to not only meet their shoppers’ needs, but to grow a loyal following of pet parents who talked them up at the dog park.

In less than 2 years as a SPINS partner, the once-under-the-radar retailer grew their business by 300% and became an anchor for the pet communities surrounding their stores. Given their momentum, the exploding pet market in 2020, and the evolving features coming from SPINS, their team renewed their contract as an exclusive retailer for 7 more years.


SPINS has a passion for pet specialty and is making sure we are helping independent retailers and natural brands grow when it matters most.

Amy Kerr,
Pet Community Development

The Pet Baby Boom

Increase in pet adoption
in NYC and LA since

Growth in natural pet
food and treats

Pet industry expenditure
in 2019

Webinar: Top Pet Trends
in 2020

SPINS' data experts analyzed the data collected
in 2019 to bring you the top trends and products
driving them for 2020.

Naturally, We're a community of pet parents

We’re all about our pets and our data. That’s why we
know that pet parents who shop natural products, are
also conscious about their pet’s health

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