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SPINS answers your key business question about how to innovate ahead of trends

How do I identify early-stage trends that are driving growth?

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of innovation, then retailers in the Natural Channel are the heartbeat. These retailers are the first to open shelf space for new products that can’t be found in conventional aisles, and the popularity of their assortment is a barometer for future trends in the mainstream.

SPINS is the exclusive data provider for the Natural Channel in the CPG industry. Brands from SMB to Enterprise rely on us to deliver critical performance insights that reflect this key demographic of shoppers. So regardless of your distribution footprint, the SPINS Natural Channel can be your window into the future growth of your category and beyond.

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How do I ensure my new product development is a success?

Innovation is expensive, and developing new products is a risk if you don’t have the right data and insights to safeguard your investment.

SPINS Growth Consulting is uniquely positioned to help brands launch innovative new products with the highest chance of success. We mitigate your risk by identifying the flavors, attributes, and label claims that are driving growth in the category BEFORE you bring them to market. Our white-glove analysis plays an integral role in planning and formulation for new product launches inside your category or expansion outside of it.

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How do I optimize my product packaging/positioning to reflect label claims that consumers care most about?

The grocery aisle has become a highly competitive space for advertising as shoppers rely more and more on product packaging to make new purchase decisions. The real estate on your label is limited, so how do you decide what to highlight?

SPINS Product Intelligence allows brands to optimize their on-pack positioning based on the attributes and values that matter most to shoppers. We extract product data from millions of SKUs, ranging from certifications like “Woman Owned” to beyond-the-label attributes like “No Sugar.” By analyzing sales data through this lens, brands can design their product packaging with confidence that they are showcasing the highest value attributes that resonate with shoppers in their categories.

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