Product Intelligence defining the industry

A holistic product view beyond the label to illuminate the unseen attributes driving consumer demand

A new era in attribute-driven buying behavior

Consumers are empowered with more information than ever before and are
looking for personalized product offerings to meet their specific wellness needs.

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Legacy brands and entire categories are being disrupted amidst a rapidly changing product landscape aligned to these evolving consumer demands.

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Retailers and brands are challenged to identify the underlying product attributes influencing purchase decisions to:

  • Enhance the shopper experience
  • Capture growing demand
  • Gain an edge on innovation
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Product labeling cannot be taken at face value.
Decoding the label to understand how attributes are truly impacting market dynamics is critical, yet highly complex.

Let's take gluten-free

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The most powerful collection of health & wellness attributes in the industry

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SPINS partners with leading natural and specialty retailers to collect, classify and attribute UPC-coded products in the market to assemble  the most comprehensive product database in the industry.

We combine claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, brand positioning, consumer ways of eating to deliver a complete view of key attributes driving consumer decisions.

This robust collection of insights comprises SPINS' Product Intelligence.

What makes SPINS' Product Intelligence the most sought after in the industry?


Through exclusive relationships with progressive retailers at the forefront of innovation, only SPINS can provide visibility into emerging trends before they hit mainstream.

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A team of nutrition experts and data scientists work behind-the-scenes to examine each product individually. They build a view that supports a broader and deeper level of understanding of each product's characteristics and the factors driving growth in the market.


We deliver an unparalleled view of product attributes, taking into account claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, brand positioning and consumer ways of eating to help you gain a deeper understanding of what factors are driving growth.

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Our advanced cloud based technology platform allows flexible application of product attribute models, enabling endless solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Attribute-driven insights put into action


Activation solutions with powerful personalization to address your shopper’s unique health & wellness needs

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Advantaged innovation insights to position your products for growth, capitalizing on emerging opportunities

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