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We partner with leading natural and specialty retailers to
collect, classify and attribute UPC-coded products so you can
understand the impact of ingredients, nutritional elements, and
ways-of-eating that are motivating consumers

Retail Activation Solutions with Shopper-Centric Attributes

From shelf tags to digital inconography, as well as search and filtering for powerful personalization, attributes help address your shopper’s unique health & wellness needs


Personalize the Experience

Select new products based on
products attribute trends and fill
the white space on the shelf


Communicate Confidently

Inform consumers of your
positioning at every touchpoint -
shelf, e-commerce, and social

How Brands Put Attribute-Driven
Insights to Action

Brand Growth Uncovered with Consumer Motivators

New product formulation, brand positioning,
and advertising insights to position your
products for growth based on emerging trends


Innovate Strategically

Launch new products based on
product attribute trends and that
fill the market gap


Price Intelligently

Capture the full consumer value
of your product while
maintaining a competitive edge

Retail pitch

Nail the Retail Pitch

Align your brand with the
assortment priorities of your
retail partners


Using Shopper-Centric Attributes to Innovate in Beverage

For brands trying to decide what their next beverage innovation should be, they should start by understanding what shoppers are looking for. If you’re deciding which calorie-free sweetener should go into your next product innovation, SPINS’ shopper-centric attributes can be helpful.

With more than 250 individual shopper-centric attributes based on an exhaustive review of nutrition fact panels, and ingredient statements, SPINS brings a unique point of view to the conversation. We layer attributes data on top of our market analytics to give a deeper understanding of what trends are emerging for beverage sweeteners. In this case, we can look at a year’s worth of sales across multioutlet, convenience, and natural enhanced categories to understand the market landscape.

Doing so reveals two attractive options to consider. While beverages with stevia only saw a 2.7% increase during a 52-week period, drinks with monk fruit as the sweetener experienced 11.2% growth in that same period. However, beverages sweetened with both stevia and monk fruit grew 13.5% in sales.

Shopper-centric attributes bring a depth to the conversation that sales figures can lack if looked at in a vacuum. In this case, stevia on its own does not deliver anywhere near the same results as the other two options. You might decide using both will reach the widest audience, or perhaps only relying on monk fruit makes more sense considering your current product offerings, long-term goals, and brand positioning. Regardless of what you choose, you have a holistic view of shopper habits and emerging trends that you won’t find anywhere else.


A New Era in Attribute-Driven Buying

We combine claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, brand positioning, consumer ways of eating to deliver a complete view of key attributes driving consumer decisions.

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Shopper-Centric Attributes Can Help You Find the Right Price

Dip is a mainstay of the snack aisle and, as part of a changing market with new flavors and styles popping up, dip brands have to stay competitive. Consumer preferences evolve—and so do their spending habits. For a dip manufacturer wondering what their ideal price point is in a shifting market, data-based shopper-centric attributes are essential. SPINS assesses market analytics to understand how ingredients, nutritional elements, and ways-of-eating influence purchase decisions to create a data of shopper-centric attributes.

Find a Shopper’s Premium

When a brand is trying to set the right base price for their dip—maximizing profit but remaining in shoppers’ budgets—SPINS drills down into brand positioning, claims, and certifications of other dip offerings already on the market. In this case, combined analysis of sales and attributes data shows that a guacamole brand can set a base price that is 18% (or 69 cents) higher than conventional dip if its non-GMO, gluten-free attributes are marketed to shoppers. Meanwhile, plant-based dips can demand a price that is 10% (or 50 cents) higher because shoppers will pay a premium for vegan and organic products.

Looking at SPINS’ market data, the executives at this dip brand know they can demand that higher base price and still remain lower than their nearest competitors. The result: shoppers will still purchase their favorite dip at a premium price point knowing it is focused on health and wellness and the brand is priced at its market value.

There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Product labeling cannot be taken at face value. Decoding the label to understand how attributes are truly impacting market dynamics is critical, yet highly complex.

What makes SPINS' Product Intelligence the
most sought after in the industry?


Through exclusive relationships with progressive retailers at the forefront of innovation, only SPINS can provide visibility into emerging trends before they hit mainstream.

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A team of nutrition experts and data scientists work behind-the-scenes to examine each product individually. They build a view that supports a broader and deeper level of understanding of each product's characteristics and the factors driving growth in the market.


We deliver an unparalleled view of product attributes, taking into account claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, brand positioning and consumer ways of eating to help you gain a deeper understanding of what factors are driving growth.

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Our advanced cloud based technology platform allows flexible application of product attribute models, enabling endless solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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