Product Intelligence That Strengthens Shopper Loyalty

Connect customers with products that align with their dietary choices and wellness goals

Go Beyond the Label to Illuminate Unseen Attributes Driving Demand

SPINS Product Intelligence empowers brands and retailers to maintain and strengthen the loyalty of today’s thoughtful shopper using product label expertise.

SPINS Product Attributes Glossary: Understand Your Shoppers’ Needs

a product label that details nutrition facts to reflect how we collect information to differentiate product attributes

For Retailers

  • Personalize the shopper experience from e-comm search and display solutions to product suggestions
  • Develop more diverse assortments with better merchandising strategies
  • Increase basket sizes and attract more shoppers

For Brands

  • Uncover category growth drivers attributes to evaluate your pricing and innovation strategy
  • Capture the full consumer value of your product while maintaining a competitive edge
  • Align with the retailer's assortment priorities

Taking Attributes Beyond the Label

We combine claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, brand positioning, and consumer ways of eating to deliver a complete view of key attributes driving consumer decisions.


What makes SPINS Product Intelligence the most sought after in the industry?

Unique Innovation Sightline

Through exclusive relationships with progressive retailers at the forefront of innovation, only SPINS can provide visibility into emerging trends before they hit mainstream.

Deep Industry Expertise

A team of nutrition experts and data scientists work behind-the-scenes to build a view that supports a deeper level of understanding product characteristics and the factors driving growth in the market.

Comprehensive Product View

SPINS delivers an unparalleled view of product attributes to help you gain a deeper understanding of what factors are driving growth.

Technology to Activate

Our advanced cloud-based technology platform allows the flexible application of product attribute models, enabling endless solutions tailored to meet your needs.

"If not for SPINS giving us a better understanding of the consumer and functional attributes, we would not be having these conversations with retailers."

Kim Feil
Chief Merchandising Officer
Aspire Drinks

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