SPINS Data Helps a Kombucha Company Grow by 65%

When one father’s career took an unexpected turn, he decided to transform his hobby of brewing kombucha at home with his family into a new business. He began with a mission to use only seasonable and sustainable ingredients while also offering surprising twists on flavors. The emerging brand was growing, but for being such an exciting and unique player in the category, they knew they had barely scratched the surface of success.

Using Data to Turn Potential into Profit

This kombucha brand came to SPINS to understand what opportunities they had to expand their growing business. They studied store-level data to assess the performance of their flavors in their retailers. They retired 1 underperforming flavor but added 4 new ones.

They also re-balanced their pricing within the natural channel. They then used a brand Scorecard to compile insights from their SPINS data so they could have better conversations with potential retailers. Showing their performance within their category and the attributes helping their ongoing growth, the brand ended up adding new retailers, increasing distribution by 160%.

After a little more than a year of working with SPINS, this exciting kombucha brand grew 65% and saw an ROI of 16x. Not bad for a brand that began as a fun side project in one dad’s garage.

Increased distribution
Increased sales YOY
Return on investment

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