[VMS Insights] New Year’s Resolutions: All Talk or Data-Backed?

January 31, 2024
by SPINS Best Practice Team


As the confetti settles and the calendar turns, millions of Americans embark on a journey to better themselves through New Year’s resolutions. According to a recent YouGov poll, nearly one-third of U.S. adults plan to make resolutions for 2024, with an optimistic 89% believing they will stick to their goals throughout the year. At SPINS, our Best Practice Team delve into the data to uncover whether these resolutions are merely talk or if they are backed by substantial evidence.

[PDF] What's Supp? New Year’s Resolutions: All Talk or Data-Backed?


New Year’s Resolutions at a Glance

In a survey conducted by Forbes Health/OnePoll in October 2023, it was revealed that Physical and Mental Health are top priorities for 2024 resolutions. Now, let’s explore how these aspirations translate into the Vitamins & Supplements (VMS) space.

1. Improve Fitness & Lose Weight

Associated VMS Categories: Performance Nutrition + Protein Supplements & Meal Replacements

Almost half of the respondents express a desire to improve their fitness, while 34% aim to shed some pounds. But is this more than just wishful thinking?

Our Take: Fitness supplements consistently experience a double-digit surge in January, suggesting a commitment that lasts throughout the year, with a staggering L52 Week Dollar Sales of $6.7 billion and a 3-year CAGR of +13%.

Trend to Watch: Performance Nutrition product tailored to woman. Sales of products marketed to women grew +6% in the last year, while those marketed to men fell -2%. Women have unique nutritional and hormonal needs, and brands are creating products to support those needs across the Performance Nutrition spectrum.

2. Improve Diet

Associated VMS Category: Superfood & Whole Food Supplements

32% of respondents are determined to enhance their diet in 2024. Are they reaching for the right supplements to achieve this goal?

Our Take: Superfood & Whole Food Supplements tend to have their biggest month of the year in January. Shoppers are turning to this category at the start of the year to supplement their overall health and meet their nutrition goals.

Trend to Watch: Increasing popularity of supplements that support digestive health, addressing the crucial role of gut health in overall well-being.

3. Improve Mental Health

Associated Health Focus: Mood Support

Mental health improvement is a resolution for 36% of respondents. How are they supporting this goal through supplements?

Our Take: Mood Supplements tend to have their highest sales of the year in January. It’s clear that post-holidays, shoppers are looking for ways to manage life’s challenges in a healthy way. They are reaching for Magnesium, Vitamin D, Ashwagandha, and more to support their emotional wellbeing.

Trend to Watch: The return of singular herbs.

4. Learn a New Skill & Perform Better at Work

Associated Health Focus: Cognitive Health

While 9% aspire to learn a new skill and 3% aim to perform better at work, are Cognitive Health Supplements aiding in these resolutions?

Our Take: Cognitive Health Supplements show continuous double-digit growth, with a L52 Week Dollar Sales of $374 million and a 3-year CAGR of +5%. Whether it’s resolutions or a wakeup call after the holidays, clearly more shoppers are reaching for brain boosters this time of year!

Trend To Watch: Powder forms that transform into brain boosting beverages.

5. Drink Less Alcohol

Associated Health Focus: Hangover Remedies

Only 3% resolve to drink less alcohol. How are Hangover Remedies aligning with this resolution?

Our Take: Hangover Remedies exhibit a return to baseline in January, but the overall trend shows a 3-year CAGR of +3%. That said, December is the month to watch for brands that sell hangover remedies!

Trend To Watch: instead of drinking, shoppers are reaching for herbs, minerals, and adaptogens that can aid in recreating the feeling of having a cocktail – think mood boosting ingredients in formats that can easily be mixed into a NA beverage

Recommendations: Year-Round Support

No matter the resolution, consumers are seeking solutions seamlessly integrated into their lifestyles. Brands and retailers can support these goals by marketing relevant products through displays and education, while also offering incentives to maintain these healthy habits with competitive pricing and promotions throughout the year.

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