SPINS Product Attributes Glossary: Understand Your Shoppers’ Needs

October 20, 2021
by SPINS Marketing

What Are Product Attributes?

Attributes are a unique combination of claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, brand positioning, and consumer ways of eating to deliver a complete view of the factors driving consumer decisions. SPINS Product Intelligence offers a variety of attribute types for products across the health and wellness market. Get to know more in this product attributes glossary and discover how they can influence your growth strategy, whether you’re a brand or a retailer.

Certification Attributes:

SPINS’ certification attributes identify brands and products that assure consumers they are adhering to a set of third-party verified standards related to certain values and qualities, such as Certified Non-GMO Project Verified or Certified Paleo Foundation. SPINS partners with several certification agencies that help detail what brands and products are meeting third party verified criteria. These partners specialize in a range of topics from diets and food tribes to sustainability and environmental concerns. These attributes can also give insight into how certifications might impact consumer purchasing behavior.

Diet Attributes:

Diet attributes leverage the Nutrition Fact Panel and Ingredient Statements to tell us what products are compatible to a particular diet or way of eating. Diet attributes can provide valuable data that improves retail solutions such as e-commerce product filters, shelf tags, and product assortment management.

Ingredient Attributes:

Ingredient attributes capture key ingredient information found within ingredient statements on product labels. These attributes dissect the ingredient list to highlight ingredient characteristics, particularly for ingredients that consumers often seek or actively avoid due to a health concern, ailment, allergy, or sensitivity issues.

Label Claim Attributes:

Label Claim attributes capture on-pack label claim phrases geared to various shopper interests and often go beyond ingredient and nutrition aspects (i.e., sustainability and corporate responsibility). These attributes can highlight which brands are overtly targeting consumers on the lookout for certain product qualities. Because the label is valuable real estate, the presence of these marketing claims can help gauge new trends and be considered central to a brand or product’s message, highlighting the most influential aspect of the item. Note: SPINS requires claims to be on the actual label; website or social media marketing claims are not sufficient.

Nutrition Fact Panel Attributes:

Nutrition Fact Panel attributes capture nutrient information reflected on the nutrition facts label required on most food and beverage products, such as calorie count and sugar content. These attributes are a direct reflection of what the consumer sees on the Nutrition Fact Panel when studying product contents during a shopping experience.

Positioning Attributes:

Positioning attributes seek to capture the market position of a product by blending fact-based label information with marketing claims, such as natural certifications, containing natural sweeteners, and being free of high fructose corn syrup. These attributes identify the target audience of a brand or product by identifying the age, gender, health focus, and persona that the product is marketed towards.

Product Facts Attributes:

Product Fact attributes are used to categorize and organize basic product information, such as brand, size, company, and UPC. These attributes establish uniformity across a product collection and enable the ability to quickly and easily analyze products based on common marketplace characteristics.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with SPINS' Product Attributes

SPINS Product Intelligence empowers brands and retailers with the ability to explore today’s most prominent purchase drivers and motivators across the health & wellness spectrum. To find out how SPINS’ attribute-enriched data solutions can help you stay connected to your shoppers, contact us today.