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Product Intelligence Data Capture: How to Go Beyond the Label to Boost Brand Visibility

Make Your Products Stand Out with Retailers Using SPINS Product Hub

The top highlight at Expo East was getting an up-close view of the latest innovative products that brands showcased and are poised to please natural shoppers. New items and updates to existing products gave us brand visibility into how manufacturers are adapting to emerging trends and shaping the landscape for shoppers. We tried everything we could—foods, beverages, supplements, body care, and home goods—and trust us when we say shoppers are going to love them.

Now the question becomes: How do those products get noticed by retailers?

Brands have told us that one of the top challenges is to get their items in front of retailers and to prove their performance potential. Plus, they are trying to accomplish all of this with lean teams and packed schedules. We created Product Hub to help brands increase visibility in just a few steps. Here’s how we give brands a visibility boost and how we can do the same for you:

How SPINS Product Intelligence Works

1. Capture Your Product Data

All you need to start the process of getting your products into the SPINS library and in front of retailers are your products, a camera, and a few minutes. (And yes, your camera phone works just fine!) Upload your product data to our library at no cost by visiting the SPINS Product Hub and submitting the information.

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a shelf tag which reflects all product information such as upc, label claims, etc.
an envelope checked off as sent to show that the product information has been submitted to Product Hub

Product Hub in Action: Boosting Brand Visibility at Expo East

We encouraged Expo East exhibitors to bring their products to our booth so onsite photographers could take detailed photos of their items and add that data to the SPINS Product Intelligence library. We captured the UPC, label claims, nutrition panel, and allergen information in order to have an accurate view of new products recorded in our library.

Over 230 brands brought more than 600 items to our booth and are now in the SPINS Product Intelligence library.

2. Get Into the Product Intelligence Library

Retailers rely on SPINS to not only monitor POS data and identify emerging trends, but also to discover products. For many retailers, SPINS’ comprehensive view of the natural and wellness market includes a collection of products they often haven’t yet been pitched or seen yet. Our product capture speeds up this exposure. Even if an item isn’t in stores yet, it’s in our library. That means the product is coded and ready for inclusion in SPINS’ tracking from day one. When products launch without being part of SPINS Product Intelligence library, it can take 30-60 days to identify the item and collect the necessary data for accurate tracking.

3. Gain Visibility With Product Attributes

When a product is added to the SPINS Product Library, we bring together label claims, certifications, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, and brand positioning to deliver a complete view of key attributes driving consumer decisions. For example, a new beverage in the SPINS Product Intelligence library can show up with basic product facts—such as packaging, brand, size—as well as information about being vegan, containing functional ingredients, being free of common allergens, and more. Attributes give dimension that often go beyond the packaging let retailers see the depth of your product. Once retailers can identify where you fit into their assortment, customers can start discovering all you have to offer.

Get Started with SPINS Product Hub

Don’t get missed by hundreds of retailers who rely on SPINS data to spot new products and innovation trends. Upload your product data today for free with SPINS Product Hub to ensure your full product line-up is ready to be discovered.

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