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Assess Your Performance

Track performance and competitive insights at innovative retailers

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Engage Your Consumer

Drive profitable results by optimizing sales and marketing strategies

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Identify Growth Opportunities

Scan the market for white-space opportunities and emerging trends


Collaborate With Retailers

Build stronger retail relationships with the data to back up your sell story

“We are proud to partner with SPINS, whether it’s launching new products or coming up with portfolio strategies”

Arjan Stephens
Nature's Path

How Does Your Brand Measure Up?

Complete your Data Health Check and discover how you measure up to top-performing brands

The Industry's Only Source of Cross-Channel Visibility Across the Full Market Landscape

Through exclusive retail partnerships, SPINS is the only place to access point-of-sale data from hundreds of leading natural, regional, and specialty retailers where emerging trends and new products are often seen first.

Uncover Growth Drivers Based on Key Insights

From product performance and competitive analyses to distribution opportunities and promotion effectiveness, brands can intuitively navigate market dynamics and answer core business questions through interactive dashboards.

See How You Rank with Channel Data

Get a comprehensive view of how you rank among other emerging products within SPINS’ Natural Enhanced, Regional Grocery, Specialty Pet Channels.

Get a comprehensive view of how you rank among other emerging products within SPINS’ Natural Enhanced, Regional Grocery, Specialty Pet Channels.
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Get a Competitive Category View of Your Most Important Retail Accounts

Key Account data enables you to have a fact-based conversation that shows retailers you understand their business, what is happening in the category, and why you’re uniquely positioned to succeed with them.

Dig into Performance with Store Level Data

Dig into your performance data in a retailer’s specific location—key information that helps you understand their sales landscape, speak to specifics about their business, and form a case for why their audience is ready for your products.

Dig into Performance with Store Level Data
PI Beverage

Take Attributes Beyond the Label

Supercharge your data with the most powerful product attribute engine in the industry, covering more than 2 million UPCs with product attributes that go beyond the label for unmatched visibility into what's really driving consumer decisions at shelf.

Not sure which solution is right for you?


Mastering Data-Driven Sell Stories for High Growth Brands

Dave Ratzer at Death Wish Coffee sat down with SPINS to discuss their 2021 growth journey and go-to tools and dashboards while using SPINS SATORI platform to help inform strategic decisions around growing distribution and improving their sell stories with retailers.

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Data-Driven Activation Tools

Easily connect consumers to your products, drive velocity, and measure impact with activation solutions by Destini™, a SPINS partner.

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Maximize Trade Promotion Value with TradeROI

Insights to success-proof your promotion dollars and get more return on your promotion spend with with SPINS TradeROI

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Greater Discoverability with SPINS Portal

The SPINS portal makes it easy to upload your story and your product information to gain more exposure.

A Holistic View of Your Consumer


A Holistic View of Your Consumer

POS and online purchases from over 100,000 households, layered with SPINS product data for item-level analytics.


Building a Successful Retail Pitch: 5 Essential Data Points to Include When Pitching to Retailers

You know your product better than anyone else, but retailers want to see data that proves you’re acting on quantifiable results, not just a hunch. From positioning to points of differentiation, SPINS data can help you build a persuasive pitch that gets your products on more shelves using these 5 essential data points.

“The data has been helpful to prioritize the retailer’s initiatives and making sure we’re getting the right items to them”

Larry Praeger
CEO, Dr. Praeger's

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