[VMS Insights] The Top Trending “Holy Grail” Supplements

May 13, 2024
by SPINS Best Practice Team

What makes it a “holy grail” product, and where is it heading next?

In today’s era of wellness and self-care, dietary supplements have undergone a remarkable transformation. No longer just about filling nutritional gaps, they’ve emerged as indispensable tools for individuals intent on seizing control of their health and well-being. According to recent surveys, a staggering 74% of Americans now incorporate dietary supplements into their routines, with over half considering themselves regular users. But what distinguishes these supplements as the latest “holy grail” products captivating consumer attention?

As our What’s Supp experts delved into the landscape of supplements, one thing became abundantly clear: consumers are on an unending quest for the next breakthrough in wellness. From TikTok videos touting miraculous benefits to the widespread adoption of supplements as essential components of daily health regimens, the demand for these transformative products continues to soar. Join us as we explore the top trending “holy grail” supplements currently captivating the market and chart their trajectory into the future.

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Magnesium: The Mighty Mineral

Magnesium has extended its reach across departments - driving growth in VMS & Beverage. Whether you’re looking to up your supplements game, get an extra health benefit from your beverage, or clean up your body care, Magnesium might be the solution for you.

One such standout is magnesium, hailed as a powerhouse mineral with a multitude of health benefits. Magnesium has witnessed a significant surge in popularity, extending its reach across various departments, including VMS, beverages, and body care. Sales of Magnesium supplements in the VMS department have soared by a remarkable 44.5%, reaching $322 million in revenue. This surge is attributed to consumer’s becoming educated in Magnesium’s purported benefits as it plays a role in over 300 bodily processes, encompassing blood pressure and sugar management, nerve function, and stress response. Despite its widespread importance, consumers are currently getting only 50% of the recommended magnesium intake, highlighting the need for supplementation.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, Beverage, Bodycare, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Magnesium, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

Magnesium’s versatility is evident in its various formats, from soft gel capsules to gummies, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Whether consumers seek to enhance their supplement regime or incorporate magnesium into their daily beverages or body care routine, this mineral offers a solution for every need. Moreover, emerging trends on platforms like TikTok are amplifying consumer awareness of magnesium’s health benefits, further driving its popularity. Hashtags like #magnesium and #sleepygirlmocktail are gaining traction, reflecting a growing interest in incorporating magnesium supplements into lifestyle choices.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Magnesium, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

Creatine: Beyond Exercise Performance

Could the growing use case of cognitive health for creatine push sales of the supplement to new heights?

While traditionally associated with enhancing exercise performance, creatine might undergo a paradigm shift, with emerging research spotlighting its cognitive health benefits, particularly among older adults. Sales of creatine supplements have skyrocketed by 95.5%, reflecting a growing interest in its cognitive and mood support properties. With this evolving narrative, we may witness a shift in product positioning, potentially targeting a broader demographic beyond fitness enthusiasts.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Creatine, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

Creatine’s popularity extends beyond its traditional powder form, with brands exploring innovative delivery methods such as gummies and beverages. These consumer-friendly formats offer convenience and accessibility, appealing to a wider audience. Furthermore, the incorporation of creatine into beverages aligns with evolving consumer preferences for functional and wellness-focused drinks. As companies continue to innovate, creatine’s potential as a multi-functional supplement for cognitive health, mood support, and exercise performance becomes increasingly evident.

Mushrooms: Functional Fungi

Many of us have most likely been served a social media ad for a Mushroom supplement or stumbled upon a Mushroom product in the grocery aisles recently. Functional Mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular for their superfood qualities and wide range of health claims, from Cognitive to Immune and everything in between.

Functional mushrooms have emerged as a notable trend, captivating consumers with their diverse health claims, ranging from cognitive to immune support. Products featuring mushrooms have experienced explosive growth, with sales across VMS and food and beverage categories witnessing substantial increases. Crossing the VMS chasm into beverage is a journey that many popular functional ingredients take and functional mushrooms are no different. However, mushrooms have found themselves in a unique position as they have been used as a coffee alternative for a long time and has seen growth in that category for multiple years now. Now, we see functional mushrooms expanding outside of coffee and into other functional beverages.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Mushrooms (All Types), L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

Mushrooms’ adaptability and versatility make them a sought-after ingredient in supplements and functional foods. From Lions Mane for cognitive health to Cordyceps for energy, mushrooms offer a holistic approach to wellness. Brands are innovating with mushroom-infused products, from beverages to chocolates, catering to diverse consumer preferences. As mushrooms continue to gain traction as a superfood ingredient, their “holy grail” status in the supplement industry is solidified.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Mushrooms, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

Essential Fatty Acids: Beyond Cognition

Essential fatty acids, particularly Omega-3s, have garnered attention for their profound impact on cognitive health. With brain health emerging as a top priority for consumers, Omega-3 supplements have witnessed a surge in popularity, spanning products tailored for both adults and children.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Added DHA & EPA Omega-3, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

Omega-3s’ versatility extends beyond traditional supplements, with an influx of products incorporating added DHA and EPA into various food and beverage categories. From plant-based milk to baby and toddler food, Omega-3s are permeating diverse consumer markets, driven by growing awareness of their health benefits. As consumer interest in brain health continues to rise, Omega-3s remain a cornerstone supplement for individuals of all ages seeking to support cognitive function and overall wellbeing. Brands like Brainiac and Ripple Kids are tapping into this demand, offering innovative formulations aimed at supporting brain development and function from an early age.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Added DHA & EPA Omega-3, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24 Dana Foundation: Survey Finds Brain Health is a Top Priority for Americans

Colostrum: Liquid Gold

TikTok influencers are turning to Colostrum, available in both powder and pill form, for a variety of health claims like gut health, increased immunity, and concentrated levels of protein and micro-nutrients.​

Colostrum, often referred to as “liquid gold,” has gained recognition for its array of health benefits, ranging from immune support to skin health. Derived from the first milk produced by mammals after birth, colostrum is rich in essential nutrients and peptides with natural antibacterial properties. Its potential to bolster immunity and aid in post-exercise recovery has positioned it as a sought-after supplement among health-conscious consumers.

Source: SPINS Total US – MULO + Natural Expanded Channels, TPL Universe, Probiotics & Digestive Aids Category, L52 Weeks Ending 3/24/2024

The benefits of colostrum extend beyond traditional supplements, with innovative applications in functional foods and beverages. Products like Erewhon’s Sweet Cherry Smoothie, featuring colostrum powder, offer a delicious and nutritious way to incorporate this superfood ingredient into daily routines. As consumer interest in immune health and holistic wellness continues to grow, colostrum’s popularity as a “holy grail” supplement is poised to soar.

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Beet Root: Harnessing Nature’s Benefits for Energy & Heart Health​

Beetroot supplements offer a concentrated source of nutrients found in beets, available in various forms like capsules or powders. They are rich in nitrates, which convert to nitric oxide, supporting cardiovascular health and exercise performance. Additionally, beetroot supplements provide benefits such as promoting heart health, enhancing exercise endurance, and aiding in overall well-being.

Beetroot supplements have emerged as a popular choice for individuals seeking to enhance energy levels and promote cardiovascular health. Rich in nitrates, beetroot aids in the production of nitric oxide, which supports healthy blood flow and exercise performance. With sales volume growing by an impressive 70.5%, beetroot supplements offer a convenient and effective way to harness the natural benefits of this nutrient-rich root vegetable.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Beet Root, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

The versatility of beetroot supplements is evident in their various forms, from chews to powders and capsules. Brands are innovating with formulations that cater to diverse consumer preferences, offering options for on-the-go consumption and convenience. Furthermore, beetroot’s potential as a functional ingredient in beverages opens doors for new product development, tapping into consumer demand for wellness-focused drinks. As awareness of beetroot’s health benefits continues to spread, its status as a “holy grail” supplement is cemented in the minds of consumers.

Source: SPINS TOTAL US MULO + Natural , TPL Universe, VMS Department, Functional Ingredient – Beet Root, L52 Weeks Ending 03/24/24

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Dietary Supplements

In conclusion, the supplement landscape is experiencing a notable shift, fueled by consumer demand for comprehensive wellness solutions. From magnesium and mushrooms to essential fatty acids and creatine, these “holy grail” supplements offer multifaceted benefits, empowering individuals to prioritize their health. As research continues to uncover their potential and they gain widespread popularity, these supplements epitomize multitasking, versatility, availability, and virality, reflecting current consumer sentiment of taking proactive steps towards health and well-being. Looking ahead, the quest for the next breakthrough supplement continues, promising further innovation and opportunity in the realm of wellness.

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