The Pet Industry’s Evolution in 2024 and Beyond

March 8, 2024
by SPINS Marketing

A Glimpse into Trends and Developments

In the ever-evolving pet industry, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments that shape consumer behavior and industry practices. As we look forward into this year and beyond, several key themes emerge, indicating where the industry is heading.

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Embracing Influencer Culture

One notable trend is the increasing influence of pet influencers, or petfluencers, on consumer purchasing decisions. Across various social media platforms, pets with substantial followings are becoming brand ambassadors, showcasing products, and driving engagement. This presents a unique opportunity for retailers to tap into local micro petfluencers, leveraging their reach to enhance brand visibility and community connections.

Featured Petfluencers

@Nala_Cat: She is an adopted cat who also happens to have the most Instagram followers for a cat at over 4.4 million. Nala’s Instagram feed showcases the best of top-tier cat life with an emphasis on sustainability and Eart-first practices. Her brand partnerships include The Litter Robot and Not Milk. She also has her own food line, @lovenalaco.

@ItsDougThePug: His content consists of pet photography, exciting travels, and celebrity meet and greets. Doug has also landed top-tier brand collaborations, including Petco and Caulipower. His fame extends beyond his 3.8 million Instagram followers as he’s also been able to meet the cast of Stranger Things, and even has his own children’s book with Scholastic Publishing.

@ChompersTheCorgi: This pup has collaborated with brands including Stella and Chewys, he was a featured character and cover star of John Hodgman’s book, Medallion Status, and is a travel influencer in his own right, showcasing fun destinations and beautiful landscapes.  He shares glimpses of his life with his 116k Instagram followers.

Sustainability and Traceability

With growing environmental concerns, sustainability and traceability have become paramount in the pet industry. Consumers are seeking products with certifications that demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendly practices, such as sustainable packaging, ethical sourcing, and corporate social responsibility. As awareness around environmental issues continues to rise, expect to see an increased emphasis on sustainable pet products and transparent supply chains.

Top Sustainability Certifications

Rise of Eco-Friendly Products

The demand for eco-friendly pet products is on the rise, reflecting a broader shift towards conscious consumerism. From biodegradable cat litter made from recycled materials to insect-based food and treats, pet owners are actively seeking out products that minimize their environmental footprint. As manufacturers respond to this demand, we can anticipate further innovation in sustainable pet solutions.

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Plant-Based Diets for Pets

Mirroring trends in human dietary preferences, plant-based and vegan diets for pets are gaining traction. While once considered niche, these diets are now recognized as viable options for pet owners seeking alternatives to traditional meat-based diets. As research continues to explore the nutritional adequacy of plant-based pet foods, expect to see continued growth in this sector as consumers prioritize the health and well-being of their furry companions.

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead to the future of the pet industry, it’s clear that sustainability, influencer partnerships, and dietary trends will continue to shape the landscape. By staying attuned to these developments and adapting strategies accordingly, retailers and manufacturers can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive market. With a focus on innovation and consumer values, the pet industry is poised for continued growth and evolution in the years to come.