SPINS Helps Dairy Brand Double in Size

May 7, 2020
by David


SPINS helped a 20+ year old dairy product company more than double its size in one year. This company originally started as fruit juice producer but eventually pivoted to dairy (milk) and smoothies. Already in 3 retail chains and desiring to expand beyond, they decided to make an investment in SPINS and their future. The company selected the SPINS JumpStart package, store-level data, and scorecards to find out what challenges and opportunities they had in store.

These tools helped them identify voids in their existing relationships and opportunities for product expansion and innovation. With the support of the SPINS consulting team (from their JumpStart package), they crafted a winning story that opened doors at 7 new retail partners.

The data also showed them which products and flavors were moving in their category. As a result, they identified expansion options for 2 new flavors and introduced single package sizes for their smoothies.

This dairy company moved swiftly, implementing these changes within a few months, and the results were just as quick. Within 12 months from sitting down with SPINS and gaining these data insights, the business saw revenue increase 290% and a 26x return on their investment.