SPINS and GNC Partner Announce Exclusive Multiyear Partnership

September 7, 2023
by SPINS Marketing


SPINS, a leading provider of wellness-focused data and analytics for the CPG industry, and GNC, leading global health and wellness brand, have entered an exclusive partnership. SPINS has the industry’s largest reach of Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS) insights, which are powered by a proprietary attribution and product intelligence platform. This partnership will help GNC identify emerging and ongoing VMS trends, consumer habits, and shoppers’ purchasing behaviors. Through this partnership, GNC can elevate its consumer-first mindset and leverage SPINS’ data and expertise to explore product development and product design. 

“As consumers demand transparency, quality, and personalization in the health and wellness industry in ways never seen before, SPINS and GNC are uniquely positioned to collaborate and drive innovation together,” said Andrew Henkel, EVP of Retail at SPINS. “We’re excited to partner with GNC to shape the future of the VMS industry and improve the well-being of people around the world.” 

Through this exclusive partnership, GNC will reinforce its leadership and expertise in the health and wellness space through unparalleled access to reporting and campaign support and accelerate its innovation initiatives. 

“GNC and SPINS share a deep commitment to deeply understanding and transforming the future of health and wellness,” said Michelle Walkley, Director, Customer Insights, GNC. “Having insight into the SPINS platform is going to enhance our current data-driven approach to understanding market trends and evolving customer needs. The SPINS data opens exciting new opportunities to even further drive customer-centricity across product development, design, and innovation.” 

SPINS’ Top VMS Trends to Watch

Today’s VMS trends reflect an evolving and discerning values-oriented consumer. This consumer is looking for products that align with their values, whether that means sustainability or clean label or plant-based. SPINS’ view of channels and the attributes driving trends reveals the state of the VMS segment. Here some highlights from SPINS’ recent mid-year look at VMS trends: 

1. Protein, Meal Replacements, and Performance Nutrition:

Protein continues to be a hot topic for consumers, whether they’re interested in improved fitness, trying low-carb diets, or following social media tips for packing on muscle. Plus, proteins are typically seen as reliable meal options to feel satiated sooner and for longer. These are just some of the reasons the protein supplements and meal replacements category saw 14.2% growth, even as some other categories saw declines. Similarly, performance nutrition experienced a 36.3% growth, signaling the importance of active lifestyles for today’s consumer. 

2. Functional Ingredients:

Within the natural channel, functional ingredients—ingredients that are thought to provide additional benefits for consumers—are gaining traction with consumers. The channel has shown strong growth for products with 

    • saffron for mood support (up 42%) 
    • berberine for blood sugar support and weight loss (up 39%) 
    • algae for brain and heart health (up 24%)
    • inositol for joint and cellular health (up 20%).   

3. Green Supplements:

 Busy schedules mean many consumers aren’t just struggling to find time for meals, they’re also trying to get their daily dose of vegetables and fruits. That’s why the greens category has steadily trended upward (7.2% since 2022, which saw 4.8% growth over 2021), driven by consumers who want to incorporate greens into their diets. It’s worth noting that both traditional and DTC brands are contributing to the category’s expansion and make it an area to watch. 

If you’re looking for more VMS insights, join SPINS at Expo East in Philadelphia for the Supplement Symposium on September 21 featuring a presentation by Scott Dicker, SPINS Director of Market Insights, and a keynote by mycologist and author Paul Stamets.