Keep Up with Body Care’s Evolution into Clean Label with Better Data

August 30, 2021
by David

SPINS Refreshes Body Care Categories and Attributes

The health and wellness industry has seen a monumental shift in consumers’ focus for better-for-you products. And while the spotlight typically falls on food and beverage, the clean label skincare audience has begun to follow suit. Today, shoppers are applying the same attention to body care ingredients that they are in their meal ingredients.

Clean label is a quickly growing segment of the body care market, causing brands to rethink what their product lineups look like and encouraging retailers to make more room on their shelves.

The Challenge and Opportunity of Today’s Clean Label Body Care Shopper

Over time, customers have come to treat the products they use on the outside of their body as thoughtfully as the ingredients they consume and drink. The push for clean label products isn’t going away, but it’s also coming after more than a year of many shoppers staying home during lockdown and not needing the usual amount of make-up or deodorant. Many shoppers pivoted from appearance-based body care to health-based body care like vitamins, minerals, and soap. The post-COVID world will not be identical to previous years as workplaces change, and the return to non-lockdown life is coming in ebbs and flows. Brands and retailers are left wondering:

  • What body care ingredients are shoppers seeing and avoiding?
  • What subcategories are guiding product grouping on shelves?
  • Where competition exists within categories?
  • Which attributes are driving innovation?

SPINS has a granular view of the body care product landscape. Our Product Intelligence library contains ingredient, label claim, and nutrition panel information that aligns with the ever-growing body care market.

Discover Seekers and Avoiders in Clean Label Products with SPINS' Attributes

The move toward more clean label products continues to grow, along with the list of popular and unpopular ingredients. Split into 2 categories—Seekers and Avoiders—SPINS’ body care attributes help you understand what is driving and motivating shoppers who are on the hunt for clean label products. SPINS expands the Product Library with 7 new seekers attributes, and 4 new avoider attributes.

Understand the In-Store Experience Better With SPINS’ Subcategories

Body Care products continue to evolve daily, including the means in which we are consuming them. By expanding the form attribute to the mouth sprays and mouthwash subcategory and oral treatments and care subcategory, you have an accurate view of how retailers are grouping these items on shelves.

Gain Competitive Insight on Clean Label with Category Updates

The skincare category is granulated into 3 distinct categories based on intended use or function: skin care, face care, and sun and insect protection. This granulation provides greater levels of visibility and insight into distinct competitive sets that currently reside in a single category.

SPINS identified competitive set overlap with categories and subcategories in the previous body care and over-the-counter medicine department. With the enhanced update, this overlap has merged these sets under a single department.

  • The over-the-counter medicines are in the medicine and personal health department.
  • Perfumes and Colognes can be found in a dedicated category for body fragrances and designer perfume and cologne.
  • Body wash and shampoo combinations are in the soap and bath prep category.

Get a Micro View Into Natural Cosmetics With SPINS’ Subcategories

SPINS cosmetics and beauty product subcategories also provide valuable layers of insight into key competitive sets within cosmetics and bring full visibility to the typical cosmetics aisle. For example, cosmetic and beauty products are up 14.4% in the last 12-week period compared to the same time period last year.

With SPINS’ extensive subcategory structure, you can understand what segments of cosmetics are:

  • Driving growth in the Natural Products Industry
  • Innovating with clean label concepts by pairing with SPINS attribution.
  • Provide white space opportunity to either brands or retail

Stay Ahead of the Body Care Trends

Rely on SPINS Product Intelligence to explore some of today’s most prominent purchase drivers and motivators across the health & wellness spectrum. To find out what other exciting changes are happening in body care, or to see how SPINS can help you stay connected to your shoppers, contact us today.