A Food Supplements Company Used Data to Expand SKUs and Increase Distribution by 121%

May 7, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


An emerging food supplement company had strong revenue growth goals. Although they successfully sold into 3 strong retailers, their sales numbers were not close to what they expected. They needed to learn why.

That’s when they came to SPINS.

After discussing their goals with their SPINS representative, they purchased a SPINS JumpStart program, store level data, and Scorecards. Their representative coached them on how to best use these tools to get a better look at their current business and build a strategy for the future.

The food supplement company started by using store level data to better understand what was selling and where within their existing 3 retailers. They discovered both location voids and SKU voids that they had been missing all this time. When they overlaid that information with their category performance, they were able to illustrate a compelling case for their growth potential when meeting with retailers. That’s exactly what they did and, as a result, they sold another retailer and successfully increased their distribution by 121%.

Armed with this new information, they didn’t just increase retailers. They reevaluated their offerings. After analyzing their performance data and the needs of the retailers, they realized which SKUs were the best fit within their retail community and which were not resonating. They retired 3 SKUs and added 5 new ones.

The result: In less than 12 months, this emerging brand has enjoyed 92% growth and a 12x ROI.