Top Supplement Brand Ramps up Amazon Sales by 191%

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In this case study, discover why a leading CPG brand opted for SPINS Amazon Channel Management as its Amazon solution provider, and how this partnership facilitated a remarkable 191% increase in Amazon sales. This top supplement brand, renowned for crafting remedies from natural sources, strategically shifted from an Amazon Vendor Central model to a Seller Central model. To ensure a successful transition, the brand recognized the need for an external partner with the appropriate expertise to seamlessly integrate with their team, leading to increased return on advertising spend and a noteworthy 14% rise in average sales price.

Through this case study, learn why the brand ultimately chose SPINS, powered by ClearCut technology, as its Amazon solution provider and how the partnership enabled the brand to:

  • Ramp up sales on Amazon by 191%. within 12 months.
  • Generate 4X return on advertising spend.
  • Achieve a 14% increase in average sales price to ensure competitive pricing across both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar channels.


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