How Product Intelligence Supports Modern Commerce for Retailers

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Millions have been spent on understanding shoppers, but without the same rigor applied to the products they buy, retailers are missing opportunities to boost loyalty and repeat business through better shopper experiences. As more and more shoppers continue to look for specific products that meet their preferences from a lifestyle and values perspective, retailers need to go one step further to not only understand what shoppers are buying, but why.


  • Product Intelligence’s deep understanding of product data bridges the gap between how shopper values align with retailer catalogs
  •  Strong Product Intelligence is built on data automation, enrichment, and quality
  • When deployed cross-functionally, Product Intelligence helps retailers cut down on operational overhead, enhance existing shopper experiences, and create opportunities for new shopper programs

Product Intelligence Connects Shoppers to the Products That Represent Their Values

Retailers know their shoppers and build assortments to reflect their core demographics. However, frequently, the data on the products they stock is lacking—images and data are inconsistent or out of date, badging is loosely applied, etc. Product Intelligence represents a means to address those challenges while enhancing product discovery and making it easy for shoppers to understand how products align with their values.


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