CPG Disruption in 2024

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The consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape in 2024 is marked by significant disruption driven by innovative brands that are challenging traditional market leaders. These disruptions are not only transforming product categories but also reshaping consumer expectations. The evolution from “better-for-you” products to those emphasizing sustainability and international flavors is a testament to this shift. As BFY becomes the norm, consumers are seeking products with enhanced differentiation. This report delves into the key trends driving these changes, highlighting the importance of sustainability and the growing appeal of global flavors in creating new market opportunities.


  • Key trends driving CPG disruption in 2024, including sustainability and international flavors.
  • How mission-driven brands with sustainable practices and high-impact certifications are creating new opportunities.
  • The role of values-driven innovation and how brands can leverage consumer demand for enhanced value propositions.


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