SPINS Helps A Growing Business Increase Distribution

June 18, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


Two friends started a natural sausage business with the goal of making a high quality protein with the best ingredients. They worked local events and took a grassroots approach to spreading the word about their unique brand. It worked. Soon enough the brand had become one of the fastest growing sausage brands with a reputation for flavors no one else offered.  

The brand’s leadership knew their momentum was good but not quite what it should be. They had the attributes that were in line with macro trends (no antibiotics or nitrates) and even though they had only been on the shelf for 2 quarters, they were driving nearly a third of their subcategory’s growth, out pacing legacy brands. Their product was resonating with customers. Yet, they struggled to sign the distribution deals they knew were within reach. They were even using data to tell their story, but retailers weren’t convinced.  

Finding Success Brand Growth Solutions

They turned to SPINS’ Brand Growth Solutions team to understand what wasn’t working and how to course correct. The team’s wellness-focused experts know the natural market and better than anyone in the industry and have extensive experience helping brands hit their marketing and distribution targets.

The SPINS team helped the sausage brand’s team identify and access the key insights from the data that they should be tracking.  They taught the brand’s team how to tell their story to retailers, refreshing their sell story. The brand saw immediate results: They gained distribution in several major retailers, including one they had been struggling to land, as well as a 300-store trial in a nationwide retailer. Within 5 months, the brand had grown by 66% and they were preparing for additional strategy opportunities as they looked at the coming year with SPINS.  

If you’re interested in how SPINS data and SPIN’s Brand Growth Solutions team can help your brand refresh your sell story and connect with retailers, contact us today.