SPINS Data helps grocery retailer grow at twice the market rate

May 14, 2020
by David


Working with hundreds of retailers, SPINS provides data insights, product intelligence and innovation that allow these grocers to differentiate and grow in a crowded market. One of these retailers, a family-owned, mid-size grocer in the Midwest focused on quality and delivering superior customer experiences, learned firsthand how data could deliver short-term and long-term results.


When they came to SPINS in early 2019, they knew they were performing below the market benchmark. By July they saw a revenue increase that paced them 60% stronger than the market. They achieved this first milestone so quickly by using SPINS data to:

  • Answer their strategic business questions
  • Differentiate their assortment based on SPINS proprietary product attribute intelligence
  • Integrate SPINS data to enhance their existing processes and operations
  • Draw additional insights with the support of the SPINS support team

This retailer’s team, with the support of their customer support team, created custom reports designed to answer ongoing business needs. They began pulling these reports on a recurring basis to monitor trends. They identified key areas to concentrate their attention and the questions they needed to answer:


Although this grocery retailer saw quick success with their SPINS partnership, they had their eyes on long-term efforts to see even bigger results. They knew a superior customer experience had the potential for big results. This grocer and their SPINS team worked together to understand their shoppers by watching which lifestyle attributes were most popular. They then optimized their assortment to these purchase behaviors and also incorporated these characteristics into their marketing and in-store experiences.

As an example, SPINS recently launched these specialty attributes that identify which products in the store align with various diet choices. Overlaying these shopping patterns with these attributes, this retailer learned that their shoppers tend to prefer gluten free over other diet choices like keto. As a result, the retailer rebalanced their assortment, emphasizing a gluten free diet over keto diet product choices. They also changed their marketing positioning to focus more on gluten free items and gluten free recipes are available on their website and through their CRM newsletters, which increased customer engagement significantly.

These larger efforts came from using SPINS data to answer tough questions. The results, however, speak for themselves: After recently completing their first 52-week period with SPINS, the retailer was 2X the market benchmark. This mid-sized grocer knew they could turn their business around and see quick results that set them up for long-term success.

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