Self-Care Trends: How to Appeal to Shoppers with Self-Care Products

December 16, 2020
by David

The Rise of Self-Care Trends During COVID-19

Staying at home for the past 9 months and wearing a mask when heading to the store seemed to have changed priorities for shoppers heading to the body care aisle. Not only are Google Search Trends for self-care up 550% since last December, items related to self-care saw the largest increases in the body-care category. For instance, bath salts are up 23% and foot care is up 15%, according to SPINS data from the natural enhanced and regional grocery channels. 

Meanwhile, steep declines came with breath fresheners, down 23%, and cosmetics and beauty products, down 16%. While the pandemic certainly caused shoppers to reprioritize their shopping lists, these trends had already begun—and that’s why we’re certain that the self-care industry growth will continue well into 2021.  

For now, however, with limits on store capacities and health concerns preventing many shoppers from doing their usual marathon shopping trips, your store may be one of the few they frequent these days. With self-care trends rising and lockdown ongoing, some creative merchandising can help customers grab items to treat themselves as they head to the checkout stand.

TREND #1: Skin Care Products With Simple Ingredients

Clean label body care products have been gaining in popularity, and brands that promote their ingredient sourcing, inclusion of organic ingredients, and rely on familiar attributes appeal to shoppers. That’s why they make excellent premium gifts.  

Two types of emerging skin care products are resonating with shoppers: First, relaxing skin care includes ingredients with reputation for calming properties and resonate with shoppers looking for a way to relax. The second is gentle skincare for the microbiome, which offers calming and hydrating solutions for skin.  

TREND #2: Clean Hands and Strong Immunity

Considering how much COVID has dominated everything in 2020, you might not be surprised to learn that hand sanitizer sales are up 659%. Worth noting that many brands offer scented and less traditional-looking hand sanitizers.  Although nothing can match that astronomical growth, immune health supplements are up 30% thanks to shoppers focused on staying as healthy and strong as possible.  

This year, shoppers chose supplements and items with functional ingredients to boost their immunity. Among the most popular options: Vitamin C, Elderberry, and mushrooms 

TREND #3: Beauty Expands to New Categories

Beauty isn’t the only part of products in the cosmetics aisle; foods and beverages are touting the benefits of ingredients that benefit shoppers’ appearances as much as their health. For example, collagen has gained popularity as improving hair, skin, and nail production.

In addition to finding it in the supplements section, you can find collagen in teas, snack bars, broth, and even coffee—and shoppers are eagerly purchasing them.

And it’s worth pointing out the growth…

Over the last year, shelf-stable teas with collagen grew 635%, supplements with collagen grew 369%, and liquid protein and meal replacements with collagen grew 199%. 

PRO TIP: Promote DIY Kits as the Perfect Gift

Body care kits are popular gifts to give friends and family, and even other people (such as teachers and delivery workers) in need of relaxation. They’re even great gifts for a shopper who wants to spoil themselves with a nice night in. 

These packaged kits can focus on one product type (such as lip care or lotions) or contain a variety of products that fit under a larger theme (such as skincare or a luxurious bath).  

You can create your own in-store experience that highlights the variety of body care products you carry and shows how easily shoppers can create their own body care kit.

Plus, with self-care permeating so many product categories, you have a wide variety of options to create unique body kits. You can tap into today’s top trends as well.

For example, soap and bath preparation products that contain CBD are growing by 144%. When you pair bath and aromatherapy products with foods and beverages known for relaxation, you’ve created a perfect stay-at-home spa kit. These kits promote your inventory, take some of the gift-giving burdens off shoppers, and save them a trip to additional stores.  

Download this full report to learn more about the self-care trends emerging in the natural industry, the brands leading the way, and how you can leverage them for your shoppers this season. 

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