Brand Uses Store Level Data to Increase Distribution by 20%

August 11, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


The founder of an enhanced beverage set out to give the average consumer a drink filled with nutritional value and that came with a better carbon footprint. His emerging brand was on a path to success but not growing at the desired rate. Continue reading to find out what he did to increase distribution.

Telling a Better Retail Story to Increase Distribution

The founder decided that SPINS data could help them reach their potential and began by looking at store-level data. After reviewing their existing retail performance, they were able to see how different products and package sizes were performing in different types of stores. Recognizing this, they were able to adjust their offerings between natural and conventional stores. This adjustment resulted in increased sales across all locations. Plus, once they had the appropriate mix down, they were able to tell a better retail story, getting them into an additional 3 retailers and increase distribution by 20%.

Understanding Trends in the Category to Innovate

By watching the trends in their category and better understanding trending ingredient attributes, they were able to innovate outside the beverage category by creating a stain remover product. In less than a year with SPINS, the beverage brand experienced an ROI of 12x and grew by 130%. Now more shoppers can access this healthful and innovative drink.