Granola Company Increased Distribution by 60%

May 7, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


After being diagnosed with Celiac disease adopting a gluten free lifestyle, one passionate baker set out to create a healthy and tasty product solution. She ended up founding a granola company. She adapted family recipes using whole ingredients and making them in small batches. This approach and her use of the company blog to share recipe ideas and other personal touch points helped the business establish a faithful consumer following.

The company came to SPINS after securing placement in three natural retail chains. They were focused on doubling in size. First, they needed to understand their existing distribution and overall category potential. They realized SPINS was the data partner they needed to find these answers.

Working with a SPINS account representative, they settled on a SPINS Jump Start program, store-level data, and the store locator tool, Destini. They knew they already had a strong face base who wanted to know where they could purchase their products, so the company immediately set up the store locator on their website. Now this audience would never be more than a few clicks away from their favorite granola brand.

Next, the company dug into the store-level data to understand distribution voids and packaging preferences. As part of their Jump Start program they received hours with a SPINS consultant.  During this time they worked together to construct a compelling retail story. This revised narrative landed them an additional 4 retailers, which resulted in more than 60% increased distribution.  Plus, the SPINS consulting team was able to confirm the viability of individual pack sizes and opportunity for an additional flavor option. Within a year of securing their data from SPINS, they more than doubled their sales: an increase of more than 110% equated to a 13x return on their investment. Now, this granola brand has the sales figures to match their passionate fan base.