How Data Helps Sendik’s Food Market Prioritize Shelf Space

June 25, 2020
by SPINS Marketing

Customer Experience as the Focal Point

For 3 generations, Sendik’s Food Market has made the customer experience its focal point. Ted Balistreri, the owner of Sendik’s, describes the company’s approach as offering high-quality products wrapped in a bow of exceptional customer service.

That’s how the Sendik’s team has built a reputation as the trusted local grocery, priding themselves on bringing new and innovative items to their customers before anyone else on the market. The Sendik’s team used to rely on a gut feeling to make some key decisions, but now they have SPINS data to help guide them.

The Importance of Data in Decision-Making

Data is important to Sendik’s decision-making process, Balistreri says. The marketplace is constantly changing, between its quick pace and innovations. The team relies on data for insights that will help them remain leaders and understand which categories to move in and out of.

Leading a family-owned and independent business, Balistreri likes to speak directly with the decision-makers and experts he partners with, and that’s why SPINS was the right match. SPINS provides the insight that the team needs to prioritize what belongs on their limited shelf space and understand what Sendik’s needs to succeed.

Balistreri and Sendik’s team understand that personal relationships are what has helped them succeed in this industry and earn their place as a trusted local grocery provider in its 17 locations. That’s why Balistreri recommends that anyone leading an emerging brand gets to know their customers, employees, and vendors. It’s how Sendik’s has operated since the beginning, nearly 75 years later that’s how it’s still running and standing out in a competitive market.