How Store Level Data Helped a Smoothie Company Understand Distribution Voids and Innovation Opportunities

July 29, 2020
by David


Two mountain bikers looking for a refreshing—yet healthy—energy boost created a smoothie pack company. Today, they have seen a 190% increase in revenue and a 22x return on their investment in just 1 year after they turned to SPINS for insights.  

Broader Distribution, Narrower Line of Sight

Touting healthy superfood ingredients and unique flavors like goji/sweet potato, blueberry/beet, and mango/coconut, this smoothie pack company began selling exclusively in independent health food stores. As their following grew, they were able to sell into the likes of Sprouts, Kroger, and Albertsons. However, once they expanded into these stores, they didn’t have a line of sight into their sales. Where were they selling the most? Which flavor was selling the best? Which locations moved the most units? They knew that finding the answers to these questions was the key to wider distribution within these retailers and with new ones.

Understanding Distribution Voids with Store Level Data

Connecting with their SPINS account representative, they acquired access to store level data, which helped them better understand their distribution voids. It also gave them insight into consumer flavor preferences and the success of their price points.   

Once they dug into this store-level data, they were able to understand their position in the market and turn this knowledge into action. As a result, they were able to sell into an additional 6 retailers and increase overall distribution by 40%. Furthermore, they reassessed their flavor mix and pricing strategy. First, they added 2 new flavors and then, after watching their sales and sales of their competitors, they decided to lower their sell price by 5%. By doing so, they were able to increase the sales of their new flavors by 20% and transform their business into its next stage.