SPINS Solutions Propel Household Cleaner Brand into Exponential Growth

August 4, 2020
by SPINS Marketing

Store-level Data Inspired a Cleaner Company to Update Its Offerings—and Revenue Grew by 735%

A cleaning company focused on creating environmentally safe and high impact detergents and cleaners launched with a compelling hook: for each purchase, a percentage of sales would be donated to environmental funds and charities.

When SPINS met with this brand for the first time, they were in one natural retailer and one conventional. Despite having products that were scientifically proven to be successful, their sales were limited. They needed to know what was holding them back so that they could course correct and meet their growth goals. After consulting with their SPINS account rep, they decided to invest in the JumpStart program, store-level data, and scorecards.

SPINS JumpStart Program Provided Access to Consulting

With this package, they were quickly able to use their data subscription to identify their distribution voids, gain a stronger understanding of the broader market, and study their category closely. In addition, as part of their JumpStart package, they engaged with a SPINS consultant to help them further interpret their opportunity.

Over the course of a few months, the SPINS consultant helped them create a winning pitch to new retailers, as well as help them identify new product opportunities. The result of this consultative support was increased distribution within their 2 existing retail relationships and the addition of 4 new retailers.  They also launched new scents and sizes and added a new stain remover product.

These activities, all completed in less than 12 months, resulting in a 60% increase in distribution and 735% increase in revenue–a 15x return on their investment. They’re now positioned to more than double revenue again this year. Armed with this data, to help guide innovation, they are on track for continued success.

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