Why Pet Owners Are Reading Labels: The Rising Popularity of Attributes and CBD in Pet Products

September 16, 2020
by David

Why Pet Owners Are Reading Labels

When you head to the grocery store, you might be checking packaging for signs that an item is gluten-free, non-GMO, or vegan. Pet shoppers have begun to take this same shopping mentality to their neighborhood pet stores, seeking out products that fit a specific diet. Today’s discerning pet parents want the best for their pets, and that means reading labels and reaching for a specific product—not just the bag of treats that’s on sale. 

The Attributes Driving Pet Purchases

Attributes are prevalent in conventional and natural products, but they are clearly of extra importance to pet owners who prefer natural diets. According to SPINS data, natural, specialty, and wellness-positioned pet products drive twice the growth of conventional products. 

CBD Is Rising

CBD has found its way into a variety of categories for human products, from kombucha to body care. This popular ingredient is gaining traction with pet owners who want to offer their cats and dogs the same benefits they enjoy. According to SPINS research, the 2 main reasons pet owners buy CBD oil and treats are to calm their pets’ nerves and help with joint relief.  

Although CBD and hemp seed oil are still being studied to find a proven link to benefits for pets, consumers are certainly adding these ingredients to their shopping routines. According to SPINS data, 68% of dollar growth in CBD is coming from the subcategory of treats and 32% of dollar growth is in vitamins and supplements, suggesting that pet owners want convenient ways to include it into their pets’ diets. 

Today’s pet trends are going to be driven by pet shoppers who spend time reading labels and packaging to find the ingredients and attributes they want for their pet. They’ve done the research and are going to the brands and retailers who meet their standards. Find out how SPINS Neighborhood Pet Channel can help you connect with these savvy shoppers and read our SPINS Pet Trends Report 2020 to dive deeper into these top trends.