[Case Study] Transforming Market Reach Through Targeted Data

August 3, 2023
by SPINS Marketing


For over a century, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has crafted the world’s most exquisite vanilla extracts and culinary products. The third-generation family-owned company has solidified its reputation for excellence in the specialty and natural food channels. Yet, they envisioned an expansion into broader food, drug, and mass markets without sacrificing their commitment to quality.

The Challenge: Expansion into New Markets

The challenge for Nielsen-Massey was twofold: diversifying their market presence beyond their specialty sector and bridging their advertising efforts with consumer shopping behaviors at the store level. They required a sophisticated tool to deliver specific messaging to target consumers in key markets, and to gauge the market lift effectively.

Solution: Geo-Targeted Marketing with Destini Data

Nielsen-Massey turned to their Destini Product Locator, which enables consumers to find where their products are available in-store. This solution, combined with their consumer data, allowed Nielsen-Massey to build a targeted marketing strategy that zeroed in on zip codes with high concentrations of their ideal consumer and where their products were available. 


The impact was profound. By juxtaposing the performance, via their Signals store-level reporting platform, of targeted high-distribution zip codes with non-targeted ones, Nielsen-Massey could pinpoint which stores were eliciting the most substantial responses. This data also facilitated the identification of high-quality accounts for new distribution by overlapping their core consumers and retailer locations.

Destini not only transformed Nielsen-Massey’s market strategy but also empowered them to tell a compelling story to their retailers. They could now showcase their investments driving store-level velocity, and reinforcing their commitment to their retail partners.

In recent years, Nielsen-Massey has more than doubled its Average Cumulative Volume (ACV) in the market – a triumph they attribute in part to their utilization of the Destini tool. Destini’s powerful data-driven approach has bolstered Nielsen-Massey’s market expansion without compromising its quality and reputation, proving to be an indispensable ally in its growth journey.

[Case Study]Transforming Market Reach through Targeted Data

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