A Creamery Sees a 390% Revenue Increase

May 7, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


A refrigerated creamery launched its product by selling to restaurants but decided to pivot to grocery retail. They understood that this new avenue required a new approach and sold into their 2 initial retailers with a story of quality ingredients, unique flavor profiles, and unique pack sizes. Their management realized that in order to meet their ambitious goals of doubling in size, they needed more information. The key to expanding their existing footprint and selling into new retailers was to look at data from their current states. So they called SPINS.

Working with their SPINS account representative, they focused on understanding store-level data at their existing retailers and at those on their target list. They stayed laser focused and were able to expand within their existing footprint, while also gaining an understanding of popular flavors in their market. With this approach they expanded into 6 new retailers and increased their distribution by over 60%. Thanks to their attention to store-level data, they made 2 game-changing product decisions: retire a flavor and add a new one.

The result: Their hard work and collaboration with SPINS has yielded indisputable results. In just over a year they’ve seen a 390% revenue increase and a 27x return on their investment.