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Joining the SPINS Pet Community Helped This Retailer Grow by 300%

Staying Competitive With an Expanding Footprint

With 5 established locations, a pet retailer joined the SPINS Pet Community to grow its footprint and to keep competition at bay. As their market intelligence partner, SPINS provided the tools, data, and resources to build a stronger assortment, discover new products, and understand the trending ingredients and product attributes that are top priorities for their health-conscious pet parents.

 On-boarding Made Simple

Getting the pet retailer into the SPINS Pet Community was simple: The process to join is free and quick, The SPINS data network ingests the pet retailer’s data and enhances it with competitive market data, product attributes, and dietary attributes. The pet retailer is able to view their category assortment in comparison to market benchmark and target geographies to determine the best options for their shopper preferences.

Expert Guidance and a Disciplined Approach

With expert guidance from SPINS and a disciplined approach to analyzing the available data, the Merchandising Director and her team were able to make changes, test, learn and evaluate their assortment on a monthly basis. Adjusting as necessary, they curated their assortment to not only meet their shoppers’ needs, but to grow a loyal following of pet parents who talked them up at the dog park.

Unstoppable Momentum

In less than 2 years as a SPINS partner, the once-under-the-radar retailer grew their business by 300% and became an anchor for the pet communities surrounding their stores. Given their momentum, the exploding pet market in 2020, and the evolving features coming from SPINS, their team renewed their contract as an exclusive retailer for 7 more years.Pet case study resultsSPINS wants to help pet retailers like you grow and reach their goals. Contact SPINS to learn how the right market intelligence can keep you ahead of the competition.

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