7 Clean Chocolatey Treats to Celebrate with Loved Ones

Check out these 7 better-for-you chocolates that you can share with that special someone (or don’t share at all and just treat yourself) this Valentine’s DayEveryone deserves a little chocolate indulgence occasionally, and with these healthier options, you’ve got nothing to lose!  

1. TruFru

Photo courtesy of @tru.fru, Instagram


90 calories of 100% fresh fruit and chocolate! Indulge and enjoy every chocolatey bite, as TruFru is made with only clean ingredients, creating pure flavors of irresistible combos.  

2. ChocZero

Photo courtesy of @choczero, Instagram


ChocZero offers delicious, keto friendly chocolate and syrups. Send your roses in the form of a dark, milk, or white chocolate rose bar with freeze dried raspberry in every bite! 

3. Charles Chocolates

Photo courtesy of @charleschoco, Instagram


From artisan chocolate boxes to chocolate nut bars, Charles Chocolates gives you options for any occasion. Perfect for all your chocolate cravings. 

4. Nibmor

Photo courtesy of @nibmor, Instagram


Nibmor takes you to a special place with its rich, better-for-you, organic dark chocolateThey even have drinking chocolate mixes, so all you dark chocolate lovers out there, take your pick! 

5. SunRidge Farms

Photo courtesy of @sunridge_farms, Instagram


SunRidge Farms has become known for organic and all-natural nuts & seeds, dried fruit, candies, and snacks & trail mixes. Snack on a chocolate malt ball, or for non-chocolate lovers, try out their gummies.  

6. Coracao Chocolate

Photo courtesy of @coracaochocolate, Instagram


Coracao creates decadent chocolates for health-conscious sweet lovers who want the best of both worlds. Treat your loved ones (or yourself) with these creamy filled truffles, made with the best quality organic ingredients. 

7. Theo Chocolate

Photo courtesy of @theochocolate, Instagram


Being the first organic, fair trade certified chocolate maker in North America, Theo Chocolate brings you high quality bars, candies, and other confections to explore. Spread the love with a chocolatey gesture.