Make Smarter Assortment Decisions with the Industry's Preferred Product Intelligence.

Remove obstacles on your path to better retail performance, smarter assortment planning, and personalized shopper engagement.

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Why Thousands of Retail Partners Trust SPINS to Automate Assortment Planning

For more than 20 years, SPINS has been empowering retailers with wellness-focused insights to drive meaningful change throughout the industry - at no cost to the retailer.

Protect Your Innovation
From Competitors

With strict data privacy guidelines, we safeguard your innovation from competitors, while giving you the tools to remove complexity from key business decisions.

Make Meaningful Decisions, Faster

SPINS' easy-to-use reporting tools harmonize the data that matters, so you can make faster decisions about your business.

Engage Shoppers at Every Micro-moment

Empower shoppers with otherwise hidden info about diet compatibility, allergens, and other health-related purchase drivers.

Ted Balistreri Owner, Sendik’s Food Market

“To be on the forefront of innovation and get in and out of categories or items quicker based on data is something we look forward to with SPINS.”

Ted Balistreri
Owner, Sendik’s Food Market


Turn Discovery Into Action

From day one, you can identify, rank, and introduce new brands and products, while shedding light on what to move to the bottom shelf. We help you identify the conventional items essential to your shoppers, as well as differentiated items no one else is carrying.


image for power score for product discovery

Assigns a performance score to all items in the Innovation View.


image for hot item flag for product discovery

Flags new items that are outperforming the baseline growth of their category.


image of icon for.category power rank for product discovery

Ranks all items within their specific category using six key metrics.


image of icon for Demonstrates uniqueness of a product relative to its distribution within mainstream retailers

Demonstrates uniqueness of a product relative to its distribution within mainstream retailers.


Make the Right Decisions in the Right Context

Compare your performance against channel data that represents the right retailers, so you can make confident decisions in the right context. Go deeper, faster, by accessing trends in channels made up of both foundational and innovative items to inform your next move.

reporting is just the beginining

Reporting is Just the Beginning

Drill into your current performance and illuminate new innovation opportunities with tools such as executive overviews, market share reports, and category performance, just to name a few.

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Build Loyalty when Building Baskets

Build shopper loyalty by educating your community about product attributes, otherwise hidden from the label. From diet compatibility to allergens, expose the health-related purchase drivers that matter to shoppers at the shelf and online.


Attribute Insights

See trends, voids, and new
items at the attribute level.


Shopper Engagement

Activate shopper touchpoints with e-Comm, flyers, shelf tags, and ads.



Get scorecards, segmentation reports, and set your performance targets.


Learn how Lawrence Jacobs, a Grocery Buyer with an instinct for data, helped elevate the shopper experience and drive double-digit sales.

Learn How a Grocery Buyer with an Instinct for Data Helped Elevate The Shopper Experience and Drive Double Digit Sales.
Lawerence Jacobs Conventional Grocery Buyer, Oliver’s Market

“SPINS has empowered me to do my job without relying on so many other people, getting to what I need, and having more options of what I need (or didn’t know I needed at the time.)”

Lawerence Jacobs
Conventional Grocery Buyer, Oliver’s Market


Easy, Secure, Actionable.

With a process to make every part of your onboarding more human and secure, our support team is excited to guide you. Getting started with SPINS has never been easier.


The Power of Shared Intelligence

Transforming the way retailers, brands, and shoppers connect in
every corner of the Health & Wellness market.


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