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SPINS is named the official data partner for The Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retail Association.

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"I am always curious about what categories are trending for my distributors, I always want to know what new products are entering the market, and SPINS can easily report all of this back to me and keep me confidential in the process - it really was an easy decision to partner with SPINS."

“When one of our favorite brands crossed over to Petco, I was able to fully understand how this shift impacted the market and my stores. SPINS showed me strong selling alternatives that are keeping my stores unique to my shoppers.”

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From the moment we have a kickoff call, SPINS begins supporting your store and is here to ensure you reach every milestone. For most retailers, your custom insights will be ready to explore and learn from within 30-45 days.


How Joining the SPINS Pet Community Helped a Retailer Grow by 300%

With 5 established locations, a pet retailer joined the SPINS Pet Community to grow its footprint and to keep competition at bay. As their market intelligence partner, SPINS provided the tools, data, and resources to build a stronger assortment, discover new products, and understand the trending ingredients and product attributes that are top priorities for their health-conscious pet parents.

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One of the biggest pet retail events of the year, SuperZoo, is now over and SPINS has the inside scoop! Our tradeshow insider, Scott Dicker, was there for it all and shares 13 trends & innovation he saw at SuperZoo 2021 in Las Vegas.

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