A Holistic View of Your Consumer

POS and online purchases from over 100,000 households,
layered with SPINS product data for item-level analytics

The 3 Stages to Understanding
Your Consumer

Consumer Panel data links purchases across trips to
unlock behavior patterns and provide deeper insight

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Know the Consumer

Purchase summary and
demographics report

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Map the Landscape

Brand switching analysis and consumer decision tree

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Segment and Activate

NaturalLink segmentation
and panelist survey

Get Detailed Purchase and Demographic Reporting

From the broad strokes of category demographics to the granular break down of what other brands your consumers are purchasing, the journey to knowing your customer starts here.

Know the Consumer

purchase summary
Brand switching

Brand Switching Analysis

Understand where your consumer is spending their grocery money with category incrementality, brand interactions, and a strategic assessment of primary and secondary threats and opportunities

Map the Landscape

Consumer Segmentation with NaturaLink

While many people buy Natural and Organic, their reasons aren’t the same. NaturaLink is a powerful combination of attitudes and behaviors and reflects a representative sample of the U.S. population.

Segment and Activate

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How a Poultry Company Used Consumer Panel Data to Triple Sales via Increased Distribution

This poultry brand built its reputation on a commitment to raising livestock in a sustainable and ethically responsible environment. That approach not only set it apart from the rest of the industry but also gained it a loyal customer base. Those customers—dedicated to the company’s mission and products—were only a small segment of the potential market. The brand’s executives turned to SPINS’ Consumer Panel Data to understand who their consumers were and how they could increase their imprint.

They began with the Purchase Summary and Demographics Reports, which helped them understand who is buying their products, how much is a shopper buying each trip to the market, what does their household look like, and how much room is there to grow in the market? They then added the Brand Switching Analysis and Leakage Tree to dig into the competitive landscape: Which brands do they lose customers to, which ones do they take customers from, and which outlets are losing dollars to competitors? The executives used this data to show retailers the value of their customers’ loyalty and passion and prove why they belonged on more shelves.

Since coming to SPINS, they’ve gone from being in just under 1 million households to over 2.5 million and tripled their dollar sales. Now, they’re poised to continue growing and bringing their ethical approach to farming to a wider audience.


It’s hard to understand where you’re gaining momentum with POS data alone. With SPINS Consumer Panel you get a holistic path to understanding what’s in their basket.

Patrick Knight
Principal, Consumer Panel

Your Data Isn’t Complete Without Consumer Insights 

You understand the power of data and know that no brand can succeed without it, but have you considered what having consumer insights could do to increase your revenue, starting today?

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