Infographic: Top Trends in Natural and Specialty Pet

Pet Trends Infographic Teaser

The natural and specialty pet space is evolving alongside human health and wellness trends, and SPINS is keeping an eye on innovation in pet products. Fill out the from below to access and download SPINS’ infographic, Top Trends in Natural and Specialty Pet on trending functional ingredients in pet and how natural and organic pet products … Read moreInfographic: Top Trends in Natural and Specialty Pet

Infographic: The State of Sustainability

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USDA Certified Organic is foundational in the landscape of today’s sustainability standards. SPINS looked at the top 10 categories for certified organic sales as well as several other initiatives driving change today for a more sustainable tomorrow. Fill out the form below to access and download SPINS’ infographic on The State of Sustainability.

Infographic: Allergy-Friendly Foods

Allergy friendly foods Infographic

As the number of people suffering from food allergies rises, demand is increasing for products tailored to the needs of affected individuals. To understand the impact of allergies and sensitivities on the market, SPINS looked at key categories where brands today are meeting consumer demand for favorite foods while avoiding certain ingredients. Fill out the … Read moreInfographic: Allergy-Friendly Foods

Infographic: Cleaner Candy

SPINS - Cleaner Candy

The candy category is inherently indulgent, but it’s also a hotbed of innovation where natural values, gourmet tastes, and dietary motivations converge to reveal insights about the greater marketplace. SPINS looked at innovation across candy, including natural and specialty products’ growth, sweeteners, and popular dietary trends to discover how consumers satisfy cravings for sweets without … Read moreInfographic: Cleaner Candy

Infographic: Retail Trends in January

What's Hot in January

Following an indulgent holiday season, the new year is a popular time when many consumers resolve to make healthier dietary choices,lose weight, or embark on a cleanse. But which segments see the strongest lift as consumers change up their habits for the new year? SPINS looked back at three years of buyer behavior to identify … Read moreInfographic: Retail Trends in January

Webinar: 2019 Trend Predictions

What’s ahead in 2019? Across food, beverage, supplements, and more, SPINS’ Director of Natural Insights Brent Coons and Sr. Manager of Natural Insights and Innovation Research Jessica Hochman forecast 10 market trends to watch in the year ahead and give a preview into what we’re watching for at Expo West this year.  Please fill out … Read moreWebinar: 2019 Trend Predictions