Allergy-Friendly Foods

Allergy-Friendly Food Report

As the number of people suffering from food allergies rises, demand is increasing for products tailored to the needs of individuals with allergies, their families, and also their classmates as more families look for school-safe snacks to meet new food-allergy policies. To understand the impact on the market, SPINS looked at several key categories where … Read moreAllergy-Friendly Foods

Hot Trends in Frozen Desserts

Trending Frozen Treats

Frozen treats are one of the coolest, most fun categories in the store, and specialty and wellness-focused options for both dairy and plant-based varieties are taking center stage across the freezer section. SPINS took an in-depth look at how diversified dairy alternatives, gourmet flavors, and better-for-you treats are delighting consumers as they look to beat … Read moreHot Trends in Frozen Desserts

Infographic: Functional and Enhanced Beverages

functional beverages infographic header

SPINS looked at the beverage segment and identified key, growing categories that house drinks that are either naturally functional or contain added functional ingredients as drinks are delivering more benefits than ever before. Fill out the form below to access and download SPINS’ infographic on Functional and Enhanced Beverages.

Infographic: Top Trends in Natural and Specialty Pet

Pet Trends Infographic Teaser

The natural and specialty pet space is evolving alongside human health and wellness trends, and SPINS is keeping an eye on innovation in pet products. Fill out the from below to access and download SPINS’ infographic, Top Trends in Natural and Specialty Pet on trending functional ingredients in pet and how natural and organic pet products … Read moreInfographic: Top Trends in Natural and Specialty Pet