SPINS Amazon Solutions

Actionable Data & Channel Management
to Grow Your Brand

Harness SPINS Omni-Intelligence with Amazon data powered by ClearCut technology to innovate, capture more market share, and thrive in today’s dynamic retail environment.

How we help brands

Amazon Market Measurement

Sell smarter. Sell faster. Sell more.

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Amazon Channel Management

Data is just the start, execution is paramount.

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Sell smarter. Sell faster. Sell more.

Amazon Market Measurement

Take the guesswork out of building your Amazon strategy. We provide insights for growth so you can remove
performance “blind spots” to innovate and outsmart the competition.

Be at the forefront
of market trends

Instantly track category trends by sales in aggregate or by product attributes mapped to the SPINS hierarchy.

Track your competitors’
every move

Benchmark performance against known competitors, while also monitoring emerging and digitally native brands.

Discover white space
to expand

Pinpoint trending categories with limited competition, then capitalize on this white space to expand your product line before the market catches up.

Build a compelling sell story
for retailers

Show how you rank among other competitive products, and how your product attributes align with the fastest-growing consumer trends to optimize velocity in-store.

Success Spotlight

Bluebonnet Embraces Amazon Analytics to Develop Cutting-Edge Nutritional Products

Expert Lens

Amazon Insights: Top Trends In The Shelf Stable Tea Category

the SPINS way

Align natural, conventional, and Amazon sales and market share data to uncover your complete market view.

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Explore Amazon Channel Management

Data is just the start, execution is paramount.

Amazon Channel Management

The SPINS team of strategic analytics consultants and brand managers has decades of experience with eCommerce, Amazon, and consumer goods.

We Value Results, Above All
Managed in
Amazon Revenue
Advertising Spend
customer increase
in Amazon sales in 12-months

[SPINS] did more for us in two months than others accomplished in years…they execute, take action, and offer insight into our industry that is priceless.”

Internet Marketing Director
Nature’s Answer
Partner with us to guide your data-driven strategy, put it into action, and ensure your business comes out on top in a highly competitive market.
Brand Management

Our data-forward approach guarantees ads, listings, content, reviews, inventory, and third-party sellers are optimally managed to accelerate sales.

MAP and Seller Enforcement

We strengthen your policies and procedures for enforcing MAP while handling gray market sellers online.

Our team will monitor Amazon 24/7 for MAP violations and rogue sellers, investigate high-risk matters, send messages to violators to alter behavior, and make sure issues are put to rest for good.

Advertising and Content

Generate significant return on ad spend when you rely on our team to manage your Amazon advertising.

We also create content for your highest-priority products or entire catalog, ensuring listings are best-in-class to improve customer experience and stimulate organic traffic and conversions.

Innovation Strategy

Our team of experts regularly analyzes your data to shed light on how to gain more market share through white space and new product development opportunities.

We also help you develop go-to-market strategic roadmaps, from formulation and pricing to distribution and marketing strategy.

Success Spotlight

Seller Central Services Ramps Up Amazon Sales by 191%

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