How to Submit Products to the SPINS Product Library

Please regularly provide us with information for both your existing brands and products, as well as any new products that will eventually launch in retail.

Submit products via the PIRC web portal. Product information collected by PIRC includes full product images, brand, size, description, category, and a variety of label claims and marketing information. New users can register online today at

Approved submissions are entered into the SPINS Product Library and automatically activated in SATORI™ in any retail channel where sales activity is showing. If there is no sales activity in a channel, then the submission will not appear as active in that channel.

SPINS’ Conventional Channel (SPINSscan Conventional) is powered by IRI. Product images for Conventional reporting are submitted for coding directly to IRI by the SPINS PIRC team. Please note that the appearance of your new item submissions in SPINSscan Conventional services is dependent on the item being coded in IRI’s database and showing sales in their retail data sample.

About SPINS’ PIRC Web Portal

The PIRC web portal is a single, centralized, industry-based repository of product information jointly managed by SPINS and the manufacturer community. PIRC was developed in collaboration with leading industry partners as a platform to bring standards, consistency, improved accuracy, and greater depth & breadth to the capture of natural and specialty product information. Information submitted through PIRC will be used by SPINS to support our services, and it will be used by PIRC’s coalition of retailer and distributor partners to support a more comprehensive product data exchange.

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