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(h2)[41/48] Growth Consulting

(p.title)[18/30] Growth Consulting is what sets SPINS apart from other data providers in the industry. We bring 25+ years of experience to be a trusted partner at any stage of a brand’s growth journey from startup to enterprise.

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(p)[15.5/24] The team at Carbone Fine Foods shares how they've leveraged multiple aspects of their partnership with SPINS to become one of the fastest-growing brands in the U.S.




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Insight Sprints

SPINS Insight Sprints program opens the door to best-in-class experts that can deliver quick-turn insights to accelerate growth. SPINS data experts can be booked on an ad-hoc basis for 6 or 12 “Sprints” to create presentation-ready reports for buyer meetings, sales briefings, or commercial plans.
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Client Insights Managers

SPINS Client Insights Managers work as an extension of a brand’s team to analyze data in SATORI, create presentation-ready reports with actionable insights, and make recommendations to guide strategy that drives business forward.
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Amazon Channel Management

The SPINS team of strategic analytics consultants and brand managers has decades of experience with eCommerce, Amazon, and consumer goods that guide your data-driven strategy, put it into action, and ensure your business comes out on top in a highly competitive market.
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SPINS Clients in Action

Learn how our clients leverage SPINS data and consulting to drive transformational growth for their brands.

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Sell Stories
& Pitch Decks

Our Sell Story Presentations give you a competitive edge by ensuring that you effectively showcase your performance in the context of the retailer’s assortment.

We support three key objectives for buyer meetings with:

New retailers to add distribution

Existing retailers to add more items

Existing retailers to add more stores

Business / Competitor

See your brand performance across channels (Natural, MULO, RIG) and your top 10 accounts. Includes sales, drivers of change (pricing, velocity & distribution) and promo volume. Use this review to identify accounts for deeper engagement. Or use this information on a competitor to highlight their strengths and weaknesses.


Examine your brand’s promo performance vs. the competition, and get insights to tweak your promo spend for maximum benefit.


Take a deep dive into a category to learn which brands and items are driving growth or decline, and what attributes are trending.


View the performance of over 200+ attributes for a category or subcategory and see which ones are driving growth and incrementality.

And many more!

Need something else? SPINS expert help is on-call to help you navigate growth stages with confidence.

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