Total Market Visibility That Fuels Innovation​

June 6, 2024
by SPINS Marketing

How Milk Specialties Global Identifies Innovation Through AttLab

In an era where health and wellness guide consumer preferences, Milk Specialties Global (MSG), a leading ingredient supplier of whey, milk, and other specialty proteins like casein, caseinate, and more, realized that an increasing number of brands were enriching their products with added protein. To keep pace with these rapidly evolving market trends and surface new opportunities for them and their partners, MSG needed an intuitive way to quickly identify market- and brand-level trends.

[Case Study] Total Market Visibility That Fuels Innovation

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Challenge: Staying Ahead of Rising Trends 

For years, MSG has known how to position its product ingredients. However, as consumer demand shifted towards more protein-fortified foods, MSG recognized shopper values were driving marketplace evolution.

The health-focused transformation of traditionally indulgent categories, like ice cream and others, underscored an emerging market opportunity. While MSG already had deep visibility into their staple categories through their existing SPINS data subscription, they needed a broader view of the market to capitalize on new opportunities—enter AttLab.

Solution: Streamlined Insight Through AttLab

AttLab, a tool developed to provide total-market trend insight across over 100+ categories, provides MSG with comprehensive, cross-category market views. This enables them to track not just their traditional product applications but also emerging ones arising in unexpected corners of the market.

This broader lens helps MSG: 

  1. Advise customers on innovation and expansion opportunities by providing insights into category landscape trends.
  2. Scope new markets and target emerging categories by tracking the number of brands containing ingredients MSG supplied.
  3. Confidently enact more accurate benchmarking and forecasting through verified total category performance data.

“MSG is constantly researching innovation opportunities—with AttLab, we can do that across non-traditional categories to inform forecasts and guide business strategy.”

Luke Sullivan
Senior VP of Finance​, Milk Specialties Group

Results: Total Market Visibility

AttLab’s total category view dramatically increased MSG’s view into their total potential market. As Luke Sullivan, Senior VP of Finance at MSG puts it, “MSG is constantly researching innovation opportunities—with AttLab, we can do that across non-traditional categories to inform forecasts and guide business strategy.” By activating AttLab, MSG experienced a sixfold increase in visibility into the number of brands using dairy proteins and a fiftyfold increase in visibility into units sold containing whey.


AttLab enhances MSG’s operational efficiency and allows them to perform research and analyze tasks that were previously impossible because of data limitations. This total market visibility helps MSG maintain its position as a leader in innovation within the dairy protein sector. As the market continues to evolve, tools like AttLab will become essential for companies aiming to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of food manufacturing.

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